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Welcome To My Profile
:repairhere:Name- Ray


:repairhere:Gender- Male

:repairhere:Main Class Soldier

:repairhere:FavoriteMovie- Zombie Movies

:repairhere:Nickname- Ray

:repairhere:Dream Career- NBA

:repairhere:BestFriend On Steam {Gucci Bread}
:repairhere: My Youtube Account
Frequently asked

Q: Do you play GMOD and TF2?

A: Well i play tf2 and gmod some times so yes

Q: Could you please give me some items since i'm very poor?

A: I could but i wont, i traded my way up to a decent ammount of items, so if i can, you can too

All The Tf2 Qualities
:seashell:Decorated Weapon
:seashell:Self Made

:repairhere:Remember To Watch Out For Impersonators Scammers Sharkers Or Any Other People Out To Get Your Well Earned Items

(Very Important Note)
I'm marked as a scammer but
please sisten and understand
I'm not interested In scaming
nor did I ever scam anyone out
of anything.Back when earbuds
was 24 keys I was trying buying some guys for 21 that's not scamming or sharking that's
just trying to make profit so after I offered he said no add 3 more keys I said nah I'll just go find someone that's throwing out deals so he declined started spamming me that he's going to get his friends and there going to report me I told him It wasn't scamming. I know you guys don't trade scammers but please trade with me they messed my whole trading life up over false info can't sasy trade With bots no more no bp.tf nothing I have witnesses And everything I will give more Info to those traders worried about scam I tried appealing to steamrep about it but they believe the kid and I think I still scam to this day because the person who reported me told them false information but yeah I hope you guys can trade me and trust me it's kind of unfortunate that I can't trade with the bots anymore :steamsad:
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Trade Your Cases For Keys! 4 CASES = 1 KEY : {LINK REMOVED}
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+rep Gave me free unusual
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Bruh where the fuck are you
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Zug zug :drug: