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Team Fortress 2 l Rocket League
I also make TF2 guides:
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:lightTile: 𝐃𝐢𝐬𝐜𝐨𝐫𝐝 [discordapp.com]
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Steam account since 29. December 2012 . I mainly play Team Fortress 2 , Rocket League and Paladins . My main passion on steam is to make a TF2 related Guides . I am founder of Engineer Saloon , which is a steam group for TF2 players.


Now I know often some people want to randomly leave a friend request for various reasons. I have no problem in your reason why but please unless I know you from a server and you were okay / cool / chill from my perspective, explain please why you added me in the comments section. There's a high chance for your friend request being denied if you have private profile or VAC ban .


Once you get your name in my friend list, there are several rules regarding my profile. First off, don't be douche and don't spam messages or game invites. Do not even consider to scam me, you won't succed. I really don't like salty / edgy people, if you ever want to threaten me or my friends, be sure that I'll block you. Do not beg for my items and don't copy (my ideas, logos) or impersonate me or my friends.
I have these rules on my profile all time so if you're not aware of them, keep in mind that not knowing my rules doesn't excuse you!

Breaking my rules will cause unfriend + block


I main Engineer, my second is Heavy. I enjoy playing Attack / Defend and King of the Hill. My favourite maps are Dustbowl, Powerhouse, Highpass, Upward and Mercenary Park. I also play Mann vs. Machine pretty often so if you want to join or you're gathering a team, it would be pleasure to join. My favourite MvM map is Mannhattan.
My HUD is improved ToonHud [toonhud.com].
If you want to join my steam group, feel free to do so for events and more...

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