California, United States
I play tf2 and make maps

Workshop Showcase
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Altitude is a 3CP attack/defend map set on the slopes of an abandoned ski resort. The layout features memorable set pieces and unique arenas with an emphasis on vertical combat. The map won 1st place in the TF2ma
1,392 ratings
Created by - FGD5, Diva Dan, and Defcon
Workshop Showcase
Cascade is a fast-paced king of the hill map designed to support 6v6, Prolander, Highlander, and casual 12v12 gameplay. The layout takes inspiration from several classic koth maps while introducing a few of its own unique twists on the gamemode’s conventio
797 ratings
Created by - FGD5, Diva Dan, and Defcon
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Coffee Feb 24 @ 11:05pm 
Thank you for your contributions
CTRL ALT DEL! Jan 8 @ 9:59pm 
You probably already know this, but just in case you didn’t, both your maps “Altitude” and “Cascade” are in the permanent rotation in Casual.

Congrats man! Your maps are good so it’s nice they’ll be year round.