California, United States
I play tf2 and make maps

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Welcome to Phoenix - a four-point Payload map from the creator of Altitude and Cascade set amidst the fiery red rocks and lush forests of the American Southwest. The map features a sprawling and elaborate yet int
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Altitude is a 3CP attack/defend map set on the slopes of an abandoned ski resort. The layout features memorable set pieces and unique arenas with an emphasis on vertical combat. The map won 1st place in the TF2ma
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Created by - FGD5, damned daniel, and Defcon
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manolobiene Aug 5 @ 1:59pm 
Hello good sir! I'm the developer of the Team Fortress 2 VR mod for Contractors.

We're porting several maps from the game into Unreal Engine 4. I'd be honored to port Phoenix as well :)

Do I have your permission to do so?
Xtreme_Shoot Jul 23 @ 9:25am 
That Post Cart Reference From Cars! Radiator Springs!
siN Jul 14 @ 12:42am 
Hi, add you may you can share a previous version of phoenix, had some demo file records, and after recent update all are broken... :(
Hoober Jul 11 @ 2:25pm 
Hello Defcon!
Can cp_altitude be opened in sfm? I was told to ask you for assistance.
Hlg Jun 28 @ 4:56pm 
Would you mind to port Cascade to arena mode?
Its for community of Revive Arena
Accept request if interested
listen up cuh May 31 @ 11:52am 
Hey we are interested in your mapping skills, we want to improve our casual servers with unique map experience for players. Respond if interested!