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11/23/2021(vibe check)- Yea i run Groups, im livin,What about you?:lunar2020halodragon:
I love to RP so if ye want dm me on discord/steam

I have a telegram to but ya gotta ask for that :lunar2020halodragon:
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Name: Kotasan (kota)
Birth: 3/22/1998 LA,California
Personality:A very outgoing open person who treats everyone equally no matter what they like or their opinion because in the end we are all humans.

Discord: Kotasan#1829
VRChat: Kotasan
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KotasanVRCHAT
I have a telegram to but ya gotta ask for that :lunar2020halodragon:

Other alias:The Drunk Eastern Dragon or the Dragon Man

I watch GTA rp like everday have been for about 3 years! I play vrchat mostly but go in and out of it.

I focus on the future and present, tbh we all make mistakes, i dont really focus too much on the past, i believe in forgiveness if the other party can also be reasonable, then it can happen but dont be suprised if things arent the same as they were back than, since it is human nature to always remember bad things.


Profile picture avatar art made by @PossiblyWolfie
(i just cropped it into the steam background)

My Fursona lore (may change) bought character model from @Naelstrof

Name: Zunkeyrok (Zun·Key·rok)

Birth of origin: The Stars

Species: Eastern Astral Dragon

Height: 12 foot 8 inches

Colors: Originally Dark Purple scales with an astral pattern on the scales containing the colors of cyan,pink,green and Dark blue, and both iris colors being white and pupils being black. After corruption has turned him black and white (black being the scale color and white being the cosmetic features.

Lore: Zunkeyrok was born from the stars, forever exploring endless space. He found a galaxy that seemed a bit off, all the planets were faded ,drained colors of its original color ,and All suns that were black to its core and irradiated white flames, creating a white outline of the suns.
Any asteroid inside the galaxy were bright white rocks,and while Zunkeyrok was exploring the galaxy he came across a small bright asteroid rock that he couldnt see, and went straight in his pupil turning it a bright white color and corrupting it while also fading the white iris almost completely.
Soon after the corruption changed his colors completely turning his scales black from dark purple, erasing the astral pattern on his scales, turning his cosmetic features completely bright white. His other eye (separated from the now corrupted eye) somewhat kept its original white color with the white being faded and less bright.
He realized with this new corrupted body, he was able to almost teleport instantly. Little did he know after attempting this teleport, he wasnt able to control where he wanted to go, he appeared in a normal looking galaxy losing the location where he found the galaxy. After the first teleport he turned around seeing that a glitched rift came from where he teleported . Zunkeyrok tried going back through the rift to see if he could appear in the galaxy he was previously in , but to no avail he couldnt go through it, and the rift forever staying there. Zunkeyrok told himself he would never use the teleport ability due to him not knowing the capabilities of the teleport feature and fears that he may corrupt another galaxy with his new cursed power. For now he continues to roam space ,lost to where that corrupted galaxy is and in hopes that he find it again to study it more and potentially understand what happend to the galaxy.

11/24/2020- Lore update
The corruption in his eye has created cracked white lines and had a white pupil but now the pupil has become bright red. It seems as though his skin has gotten a bit more darker as well


Yes i did make the gifs that are above :lunar2019piginablanket:

R.I.P my bro SuperpieGs 1995-2019

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With over 3000+ hours on this game im thankful that vrchat was able to make me meet soooo many people.

After 3 years of this game im still having a blast,meeting new people and havin fun man.
The people i talk to now adays are from this game both inside the game and outside of it

excluding crashers and edgelords, i would say this game is one of the best social platform games out there,
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Looks like a naked molerat
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hey big boys, get ready to strap on your fedoras, gamer gloves and vr headsets because today i'll be teaching you how to get girls on vrchat

be sure to energize yourself with lots of mountain dew before getting in the game

put on your
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lol imagine havin no ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Ababa 20 hours ago 
E-girls!!! POG
Kotasan 20 hours ago 
i may not have a permanent one but i have a couple DM ones
Ababa 21 hours ago 
Imagine having your favorite guide be about getting ladies, and you don't even have one KEK
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Na He is I Have Seen Him