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:cinnamon2: Chat logs of people I made salty www hope you enjoy! :cinnamon2:

*SPEC* pyro shark : you are a tryharding assholr you need to die
*SPEC* pyro shark : go to hell and fuckin you

micahdabeastest : im goning to leave and not trade a damn thing if you keep that up
micahdabeastest : all you use is scout because your a coward
micahdabeastest : im leaving you stupid moron

Dark: ur hacking m8
Dark: fuck hacks dude im quiting
Dark: I dont play with hacking faggs

dethzen : ou are a fagot

Fat Scout : yunyun
Fat Scout : you must be an asshole to laugh taunt after a kill

*DEAD* Rocket Launchin boy : stupid anime fan
*DEAD* Rocket Launchin boy : stupid pink scout
Rocket Launchin boy : IM SO CLOSE TO KICKING YOU
Rocket Launchin boy : d*ck you

*DEAD* Beta Ray Bill : YunYun, WTF dude
Beta Ray Bill : YunYun, come on

grunkle dane aka skullking : in coming faggot try hard yun pyro

Tohg7. left the game (You have been banned by this server, check https://bans.xenogam)

I'm guy :maple2:
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Spoopy Mar 14 @ 4:08pm 
my wuv from now on ill save up for that ring <3
Xavier the Neko |X❤K| Mar 7 @ 9:57am 
stinky teeth :steammocking:
Spoopy Mar 1 @ 5:15pm 
Love pelting me with love,but I keep telling him it’s not love but bullets :( :kashouova:
Yaboi Mushpoot Feb 12 @ 2:05pm 
#1 father
The weeb son I never loved