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All traders tell me why you want to add me. Anything I want to sell is with my broker friend. His profile is: https://steamcommunity.com/id/electric_ladyland/
I also now have impersonators. So do be careful. If you get a message from a "hollandese" leave a cooment telling me you think one of my impersonators added you and you are adding me to check.

Pro TF2 stuff.

Season 17 engie (7-1) Place First in Iron
Season 18 engie (3-5) Steel
Season 19 rang for teams
Season 20 silver team fell apart and our sniper hacked so no wins technically.
Season 21 medic 4-4 steel
Season 22 was on a silver team had to leave for personal reasons.
Season 23 soldier 3-4 steel
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Pamela 11 hours ago 
HELLO!! You have won "UNUSUAL PROFESSIONAL KILLSTREAK EXECUTIONER", if you don’t like this item, you can choose another team fortress 2 item instead.
Sign in site and use the code: ->Gr1H2Mi<-: use code here -> WarsStory.com
FunkyFatso Jan 16 @ 11:03am 
Someone tried to scam me and they were using your name, be on the look out for that little chump.
Jack Danks Jan 16 @ 8:16am 
need to speak to you about somebody impersonating you.
¡¡[Ryfg]Lucifer Cleaning FL Jan 15 @ 12:54am 
Might want to make an offer on the Yellow, thanks!
tag Bayworks Jan 3 @ 11:51am 
friends list is full
tag Bayworks Jan 3 @ 11:50am 
added for slo poke, offering pure