[82DK-L] Sir Metaladon
If my name is not Sir Metaladon, I'm aliasing.
I make trains for Gmod, MvM missions for TF2, and lots of other things.
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Pills Jun 9 @ 6:13pm 
+rep This guy is a blast
[82DK-L] Sir Metaladon Jun 6 @ 12:34pm 
Will do. Not sure if it still works...
Dondo Mizusu Rose Jun 6 @ 12:34pm 
Is it in a Google Drive, if not can you put it in a Google Drive folder with the rest of your skins? I mean im not trying to tell you what to do or anything.
[82DK-L] Sir Metaladon Jun 6 @ 12:31pm 
I do.
Dondo Mizusu Rose Jun 6 @ 12:26pm 
do you still have that D&H SD45 skin? If you dont and are not able to find it that is fine.
DanO Tron ex May 29 @ 4:39pm 
wait, wtf is one of your groups?