Sir Metaladon
Isaiah Matthew Groves
If you're here from BP.TF or TF2 Outpost, here are some handy links: :Link to offer on my items. :My BP.TF profile.

If you're here from the Garry's Mod Trainbuild Community, welcome!
I'm Sir Metaladon, an admin on Blue Arrow Railworks, if you need anything, just ask! ;)

Currently Online
CPT. Garry Jul 12 @ 7:18pm 
+rep nice workshop stuff
CPT. Garry Jul 12 @ 7:18pm 
helo mate
Saxophone Kitten Jul 9 @ 1:43pm 
+Rep always friendly even when people are terrible :)
HeRp-A-dErP-a-NErp.eXe Jun 28 @ 6:38pm 
I wanted to invite you to play test my mission but sadly there are people on the server right now and I want to get a very select group of people.
Bananas Jun 9 @ 8:48pm 
God Like Market Gardener A.K.A Sir Metaladon
Dondo Mizusu Rosè Jun 1 @ 10:30am 
do you still have that Deleware and Hudson sd45 skin I asked you to make? I need it plz because i got a new pc and I forgot to back up the file.