Euphoria [SAC]
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“Pull the BandAid off a little too fast, and tell 'em what they don't wanna hear.” ― Sam Hyde.
:wavetree: :vaporwave: Drill Instructor Smokes Dehydrated Recruit :neonp: :outdrive:

SSG. Harp: Did the Corpsman say you couldn't go through the course?

Recruit: Corpsman... told this Recruit...

SSG. Harp: Open your goddamn mouth right now! I'll give you a freakin' reason to be goddamn dehydrated!

Recruit: Aye, sir!

SSG. Harp: Open your freakin' mouth!

Recruit: Aye, sir!

SSG. Harp: Why did we not go through the course?!

Drill Instructor: He wasn't feeling good, sir!

SSG Harp: Why did we not go through my course?!

Drill Instructor: He - He had a headache.

Recruit: Corpsman told this recruit to... sit down, sir!

SSG. Harp: Why - Why you talkin' so slow to me, like you think I'm gonna buy all this freakin' DRAMAAAATIC CRAAAAAP!!!!

Recruit: ...

SSG. Harp: You better start soundin' off with some freakin' volume: short, sharp, and fast... right freaking now!

Recruit: Aye, sir!

SSG. Harp: Pull your fuckin' head up before I freakin' hurt you, understand that!?

Recruit: Yes sir!

SSG. Harp: Get a freaking attitude with me - fuck with me - fuck with me!

Recruit: Aye, sir!

SSG. Harp: What is our freaking problem??

Recruit: This recruit does not know, sir!

SSG. Harp: What the...

Drill Instructor: He said he started feeling better when everyone's done with the course, that's the amazing thing.

SSG. Harp: Is that right??

Recruit: No, sir!

Drill Instructor: Tell me that you consent to the freaking Corpsman, did you - did you!?

SSG. Harp: You didn't tell the Corpsman that - You didin't tell the Corpsman that!? Did you or didn't you!?

Recruit: This recruit told the Corpsman that he was feelin' better... after he started feelin' de-

SSG. Harp: Wh- Why - Why were you dehydrated!? Why are you dehydrated!? Why you dehydrated!?

Recruit: This recruit does not know, sir -

SSG. Harp: I'll tell you WHYYYY, because your not drinkin' enough goddamn WATEEEERRRR!!!!!

SSG. Harp: Good motherfucker... good... goo- because I'm gonna get the goddamn training out of your ass! You owe me that course times 10! You understand that!!!???

Recruit: Yes, sir!

Drill Instructor: Get your... g-get away. Get away before you get murdered.

Recruit: Aye, sir!

Drill Instructor: Get away!!

SSG. Harp: Oh yeah... is that as fast as you can move!? Is that as FAST AS YOU CAN MOVE!? You better move faster than that!!
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