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Sep 15 @ 5:47am
In topic Can I run this?
Originally posted by Carl:
10 years ago when crysis come out the forum was full with "Can it run crysis?"
Now replace crysis with Sottr.:steammocking:
SOTTR runs decently well if you've got a good system. Try running Ark: Survival Evolved on 1440p and above maxed...
Sep 14 @ 2:20pm
In topic Can I run this?
Hey there! I've definitely experienced both bugs 2 & 3. There's also another bug i want to mention, which is a totally blank server language selection. In a previous game i had selected English servers, but in the next game i found myself matched with Russian speaking people! Wanted to check which servers were selected but the space was blank...
Aug 11 @ 12:45pm
In topic Sound lags?
Do this:

Then set the game's exe's priority to high in task manager. You can use Prio to save the priority everytime you launch the game. You also might want to set the game's FPS to your refresh rate using Afterburner's RTSS module.
Aug 11 @ 8:09am
In topic Good Lord, the microstuttering...
Try limiting the game's framerate to your desired refresh rate (60,120,144 etc) in MSI Afterburner's RTSS module.
Same here, but only in Veltins Arena...

EDIT: OP i think you should mark the post saying that switching dynamic resolution to ON as the "answer" to your thread, as that fixed the issue for me too.
Jun 11 @ 6:11pm
In topic directx 12 wtf
Yep, same thing for AssCreed Odyssey too. Time to look forward to the future!
May 31 @ 2:14pm
In topic PS4 version or PC version?
Originally posted by NuclearThrone:
Hello, can someone say if my I7 6700 HQ, 16 gb Ram, GTX Geforce 1050 can run this game well?
i dont really care for good graphics,i just dont want framerate issues.

I also have a PS4.
It won't run well with that GPU i'm afraid, but to answer your question we'd have to ask which PS4 version do you own, vanilla or Pro? If it's just the vanilla version then get it for your PC, as your PC will still deliver a better experience overall. But if you have the PS4 Pro (which is stronger than your PC GPU wise) then get it for the Pro.
Thanks for the support guys! Might not mean much to SEGA/Atlus but it sure as hell means a lot to me!! :steamhappy::steamhappy:
Originally posted by Aya Shameimaru:
Originally posted by Reinhard Von Hamid:
I want Yakuza and Persona ports so badly man!! :steamsad::steamsad::steamsad:
You're probably better off buying Puyo Puyo Tetris
If that meant we'd get the aforementioned games, then i'd wholeheartedly buy 10 copies of Puyo Puyo Tetris!!
The fact that the survey was only done in Japan further proves his point though. I mean, you said it yourself: who the hell games on PC there? I think Atlus just absolutely despises PC gaming and my only hope of Persona/SMT games coming to Steam/PC would be SEGA forcing their hand. Also, they included pretty much every gaming platform available (even mobile ones lol) but that absolutely doesn't mean they're consirdering porting their games there. Atlus only does business with Sony/Nintendo sadly.
Originally posted by Croowe:
Originally posted by Reinhard Von Hamid:
I obviously know that Atlus are completely averse to platforms that aren't stamped "Sony" or "Nintendo", but doesn't Sega own them? Couldn't Sega in theory force Atlus to release their games on other platforms (notably Steam)?
No because Atlus decides on what platforms they're going to release their games. SEGA lets them do whatever they want.
If that's truly the case, then let's just ask for Yakuza games haha! At least that'd be better than nothing... :steamsad::steamsad:
Originally posted by Croowe:
Atlus games are never coming to PC. They already said it many times. As for Yakuza I don't know.
I obviously know that Atlus are completely averse to platforms that aren't stamped "Sony" or "Nintendo", but doesn't Sega own them? Couldn't Sega in theory force Atlus to release their games on other platforms (notably Steam)?
Originally posted by MarKKOOOOooooSSSSSSSSS:
+1 and all atlus games!!!!!!
Haha we'd need a HUGE petition with at least 10000 signatures to reach the Sega/Atlus offices in Japan for that to happen!!
I want Yakuza and Persona ports so badly man!! :steamsad::steamsad::steamsad:
Hey guys! I think i speak for the majority of PC gamers that know about the rich Sega portfolio on platforms other than PC, notably the Persona/SMT and Yakuza franchises, when i say that we NEED the aforementioned titles on our beloved platform!! So what i'm doing here is pretty simple: i'm beseeching Sega to consider bringing all these great games to Steam! I'm 100% sure they'd sell extremely well (definitely a lot better than this nonsense game here), not to mention the fact that Sega themselves talked about this in the past:

So please guys spam Sega with this so they know our real demands/requests here!!
Apr 20 @ 10:57am
In topic So... This game is dead?
My biggest gaming regret ever was to get this game...
Apr 11 @ 6:56am
In topic 24.8 MB Update Almost every day
Damn i have this too!! Made me go crazy thinking that my Steam went nuts or something!!
Originally posted by DaemonX_HUN:
Ubisoft started this TAA-centric ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t roughly a year ago and now it seems like that more and more studios started to follow them. ♥♥♥♥ing Ubi even removed all AA options except FXAA and TAA from Rainbow Six: Siege, which was an extremely illogical and dumb pleb move, because in a competitive game image clarity is critically important to see small details, especially at a distance, but TAA and FXAA blur the♥♥♥♥♥♥out of the image.

Anyway, I think Toxic Games should implement a filmic SMAA 2X to the game, or at least some form of TXAA. Standard MSAA is also an option, which provides the best image clarity. But at least the devs of Q.U.B.E. 2 handled the implementation of TAA better... or at least the blur is not as noticable or distracting in a single player game. Overall they still did a great job with the PC version of this game.
I'm pretty sure R6 Siege has both TXAA and MSAA (a really weird implementation of it but it's still MSAA). TAA also works really well IMO and doesn't really require a lot of computational power (vs the likes of MSAA and TXAA for example), and it generally looks great with a sharpening filter in place with it.
Use a Reshade lumasharpen or adaptive sharpen filter. Problem solved!
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