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A Raccoon Sep 22 @ 4:31pm 
Ohhh you're that guy. Yeah, I didn't feel like ganking. You were ganking. Simple as that.
WHITE Sep 22 @ 4:23pm 
If you have a bad memory then then let me refresh it for you.

You CRITICALLY failed at being a being a team player in the first invasion I saw you in, and just started attacking Aldrich's, that's why we left you, and I'm pretty sure ended up alone with the hosts team and got whipped. Glad I wasn't there to see your humiliation.

Later you just stood on the side as i had to all the dirty work, for which you still got rewarded.
Ring any bells?
A Raccoon Sep 22 @ 2:12pm 
You'll have to be more specific bro
WHITE Sep 22 @ 1:42pm 
Why did you attack me first time ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥?
And, why did you stay out of my fight completely last time?
Marauder Armour Sep 4 @ 1:01pm 
actually nvm i gotchu
A Raccoon Sep 4 @ 12:36pm 
what? I've been invading dude, think you got the wrong guy