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What if... Sun Tzu did actually say that???

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I like the games where you shoot the bad guy (preferably the ones where you and the bad guy go zoom)

I like doing funny voice bc it is very funny

I like warhammer bc it is fun to paint and play

I like animation bc it looks very nice :))

Music also exists (maybe - unsure)

I do not like warhammer bc it ate my wallet (not happy)

I do not like cheaters >:( (smells bad - eats my pumpkins)

I do not like spy mains >:((( (they are fr*nch)

I won't add you if you have a private profile or inventory like c'mon what do you actually have to hide

I will add you if you are an irl fren or a very polite fellow I may have met in an online video game


Nik-6 numba wan
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gluglug 28 Μαρ 2020 στις 15:21 
i am using my product for its intended purpose
5G Greek 28 Μαρ 2020 στις 7:12 
Gets a vr headset and the only thing he does mainly is the dab and whip and nae nae
💗 ⁧⁧ Meti 31 Δεκ 2019 στις 16:16 
Happy New Year 2020 :D
CHIMP VOX 2 30 Δεκ 2019 στις 17:02 
Merry Christmas 2019 🎄
445 24 Δεκ 2019 στις 17:28 
Merry Christmas xx :2015holly:
💗 ⁧⁧ Meti 24 Δεκ 2019 στις 14:38 
Merry Christmas 2019 🎄