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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Jan 6 @ 10:32am


Crew an 8-Gun Schooner while playing on Harouti Islands.
Unlocked Jan 6 @ 10:41am


Kill 4 enemy players using a single cannonball.
Unlocked Jan 1 @ 1:28pm

Coward’s Gamble

Get killed whilst reloading.
Unlocked Jan 1 @ 12:47pm

Coward’s Reward

Shoot and kill an enemy that’s closer than 5 meters.
Unlocked Jan 1 @ 12:31pm

Not A Step Back!

Meet your end whilst standing in an Infantry Officer’s line.
Unlocked Jan 2 @ 4:15am

Pub Brawler

Kill an infantryman in a fist fight.
Unlocked Jan 1 @ 1:14pm

Conscientious Objector

Finish a round without killing anyone.
Unlocked Jan 1 @ 12:57pm


Perform an act of desertion.
Unlocked Jan 1 @ 1:22pm

The Ocean’s Floor

Land the final hit on an enemy naval vessel.
Unlocked Jan 1 @ 1:11pm

Aubrey’s Crew

Sink a 50-Gun Frigate while crewing a naval vessel carrying fewer guns.
Unlocked Jan 1 @ 12:40pm

The British Grenadiers

Kill an infantryman in melee combat while playing as a British Grenadier.
Unlocked Jan 1 @ 1:22pm

HMS Indefatigable

Gather a reputation aboard a 50-Gun Frigate by sinking 3 enemy vessels in a single round.

Sharpe’ Shooter

Kill 25 Infantry Officers over a range of more than 75 meters using a rifle.
0 / 25

Chosen Man

Kill 100 soldiers over a range of more than 50 meters using a rifle.
0 / 100


Play on a server with more than 160 players.

Rock Skippin’

Kill a player using a cannonball that bounced at least 1 times.


Kill 25 people while wielding a hammer, axe or sledgehammer.
3 / 25


Kill 10 people while wielding a spade.
0 / 10

Heart of Oak

Win a round of Naval Battlefield or Naval Assault without losing or swapping your ship.


Kill 3 people in a row using the boarding pike.


Defeat an Infantry Officer or Captain in a sword fight while playing as an Infantry Officer or Captain.


Defeat an Infantry Officer or Captain wielding a sword while playing as an Infantry Officer or Captain using a pistol.


Defeat an Infantry Officer or Captain in a pistol duel while playing as an Infantry Officer or Captain.

A Decent Surprise

Kill 3 people with a single shot of the blunderbuss.

A Naturalist’s Demise

A surgeon healing you meets their unfortunate end.

Gifted Surgeon

A surgeon fully heals you after your HP dropped below 10%.

Hollom’s Luck

Drown yourself whilst carrying an object.


Obtain the highest score on your team while playing as a Captain in the Naval Battlefield or Naval Assault game modes.

Dedicated Performer

Meet a glorious end whilst playing an instrument.

Pomp & Circumstance

Support allied troops by playing a fife, drum, bagpipe or violin.

Turn On

Open a door whilst having a lantern equipped.

Battlefield Contractor

Erect 25 constructible defences as a sapper.
0 / 25

Superior Craftsmanship

Construct a chair as a sapper.

A Gentle Nudge

Kill a soldier with the sledgehammer.

Frederic Francois Chopin

Gather worldwide renown through masterful play of the piano.


Get shot and stabbed and survive both hits.

Capturing Colours

Take hold of 5 capture points in the Army Siege, Army Conquest or Coastal Siege game mode.
3 / 5

Flashbacks From Another War

Gather 10 kills using player-built Infantry Stakes.
0 / 10

Clever Wordsmith

Throw clever insults at your enemies 400 times.
1 / 400

Douanes Imperiales

Obtain a victory in the Coastal Siege game mode while playing as the French Customs class on Fort Imperial.


Cheer patriotically 500 times.
106 / 500

Vive L'Empereur!

Slay 200 enemies whilst playing as a French Line Infantryman.
5 / 200

For King & Country!

Slay 200 enemies whilst playing as British Line Infantryman.
0 / 200

Lang Lebe Der König!

Slay 200 enemies whilst playing as a Prussian Line Infantryman.
59 / 200

Over The Hills & Far Away

Finish 25 rounds whilst being enlisted with the British Empire.
15 / 25

The Mathematics Of Defeat

Suffer a defeat while playing as the invaders in the Coastal Siege game mode.

Sighting The Barn

Kill 3 infantryman using a single rocket.

Explosives Specialist

Kill 10 infantryman using explosives.
0 / 10

Napoleonic Sportsmanship

Kick an enemy to death.

Not So Little Drummer Boy

Punch a soldier to death as a drummer.