Amir   Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Just your above average God Gamer ,Kekistani (((Trump))) Supporter :trump::TeamCanada:
I'm very much FUCKING OBSESSED with Katawa Shoujo :cinnamon2: ( Hanako is my laifu! ), Life Is Strange (RachelxChloexMax):LIS_butterfly: & Doki Doki Literature Club (YuriOWOMonika) :maple2:
I also love Tales From The Borderlands, The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead! ***FUCK YOU TTG MANAGEMENT, FUCK YOU!***

In addition to those, I play other single player titles n lots of competitive online games :yazdwink:

-Proud Member of TC since late 2014 :sticky::nuke: TeamCream []
-Proud Exhibitionist since early 2017 :gmod::gmod: ExhibitionRP []

Discord: Amir#6765
Origin ID: YuriOwOMonika
Battlenet: BicBoi#11837

For all of you uncultured swines out there; likeasomebooodeee

I like Women, Games and Women (in that order): :azuki2::claptrap::cocochan2:
JK! My one and true love is Yuri & also possibly Monika if Yuri's okay with it owo :waifu: woops don't forgot about lis now lmaoooxddddd :LIS_Arrow:

:cell:Le Epic Tip Of The Day:cell:: As long as you're not hurting anybody do whatever the fuck you please in life to make yourself happy, listen to nobody but yourself. Remember to never put emotions before logic and reason. Just try not to be a tabarnak! :runecrying:
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This is hands down the most intriguing "game" i have ever played in my life. Mark my words. This is only the beginning of what's to come, Doki Doki Literature Club and it's upcoming "sequel" will redefine story driven games as we know it... #ProjectLibitina2018

So for the love of god, for the good of mankind, out of the kindness of your heart, stop reading this review and go download this masterpiece right now. Give it 2 hours and it gets REAL GOOD. I ♥♥♥♥ING PROMISE. Just please be nice to the girls uWu
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