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Santiago Sidotti   Punta Alta, Buenos Aires, Argentina
"You're a really great person okay, you should just know that."

"You make me laugh even when I don't want to smile."
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If you say no, then no it will be.
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                                                    Who is Emily?
                                                    My mother would say she's everyone.
                                                    Every girl, every boy, every person
                                                    that anyone has ever loved.
                                                    - Nicole Krauss

                                                    If there is no love in the world,
                                                    we will make a new world, we will give it walls,
                                                    and a knocker that resonates softly
                                                    that we will never hear it.
                                                    - Jonathan Safran Foer

                                                    Tell me your heart doesn't race
                                                    for a hurricane or burning building.
                                                    I'd rather die terrified,
                                                    than live forever.
                                                    - Joey Comeau

                                                    For whatever we lose,
                                                    (like a you or a me)
                                                    it's always ourselves,
                                                    we find the sea.
                                                    - Emily's Facenook

                                       emer35: you're just a truly good person.
                                       emer35: like, i Feel like i really know you.
                                                    and you really know me.


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