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Posted: Apr 4, 2022 @ 5:37am

The term Hidden Gem gets thrown around a lot, but Let's Cook Together really fits that description. What i can best describe as an Overcooked + Cook, Serve Delicious! hybrid the game has you serving food at a blistering rate requiring teamwork and co-operation on every level.

The main mechanic of the game is that the kitchen is always split down the middle so each player has their own side to work with, the catch is you rarely have all the ingredients on either side. This means players will need to be constantly throwing ingredients that the other needs, you'll be launching fries at your teammate while they hurl you a lettuce. This was the mechanic that got us hooked on the game and i can't overstate how fun this is when it clicks, it's so snappy and satisfying getting into a rhythm with your teammate of throwing, cooking, serving ect.

I'll admit the game looks quite basic and plain at first glance but don't let looks deceive, if you enjoy solid gameplay with fun snappy mechanics this game is fantastic. You can choose to play on 4 different difficulties but if both players know what they're doing i'd recommend playing on at least normal or above, i think so much fun was gained from the frantic fast pace of working together in a kitchen.

The game features 3 seasons all with completely new kitchen layouts and recipes, the seasons have a lot of content but each one feels completely different and introduces new mechanics and foods to think about. You can also upgrade your kitchen with faster appliances or 2 frying pans for example, we enjoyed this feature a lot as it adds some progression to each season. The game also has an endless mode that gets faster and more frantic as time goes on which is really fun to test your skills in and also a good way of earning money to buy upgrades for the campaign.

Very happy to see that a second game is on the way as it's a shame this game didn't receive too much attention, i can tell the devs really understand co-op gameplay and know what makes it fun, excited to see how they build on what they've created here!
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