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Evening, can't help but notice you checking me out. See something you like? Wanna chat? Hit me up, not on me, or I'll smack you with my Festive Holy Mackrel....

I had actively traded in TF2 for over 3 years, and while I'm not where I dreamed to be, I'm quite at ease with what I've got now. Mix that with a couple years of radical change in the TF2 economy, I can say that I'm proudly retired from the trading community.

Unusual History by Class: (Paint not listed unless reoccuring)
Purple Energy Hot Dogger
Orbiting Planets Hot Dogger
Orbiting Planets Flipped Trilby
Smoking Hot Dogger
Stormy Storm Bombing Run
Smoking Big Elfin Deal
Orbiting Planets Troublemaker's Tosslecap (Broker)
Kill-a-Watt Whoopee Cap (Broker)

Steaming Dapper' Top
Orbiting Planets Jumper's Jeepcap x2
Blizzardy Storm Stout Shako
Blizzardy Storm Lord Cockswain's Pith Helmet
Green Confetti Defiant Spartan
Searing Plasma Chieftain's Challenge
Smoking Salty Dog

Steaming Dead Cone x2
Orbiting Planets Attendant
Smoking Vintage Merryweather (Duped)
Blizzardy Storm Flamboyant Flamenco
Orbiting Planets Triboniophorus Tyrannus
Stormy Storm Triboniophorus Tyrannus
Orbiting Planets Pyromancer's Mask
Blizzardy Storm Dead Cone
Blizzardy Storm Bubble Pipe
Searing Plasma Hottie's Hoodie (Duped)
Orbiting Planets Hottie's Hoodie
Blizzardy Storm Prancer’s Pride
Strange Death By Disco Neptune's Nightmare
Circling TF Logo Cranial Carcharodon [Unboxed]

Bubbling Sultan's Ceremonial
Smoking Buccaneer's Bicorne (Duped)
Cloud 9 Sultan's Ceremonial
Steaming Carouser's Capotain
Steaming Hustler's Hallmark
Massed Flies Tippler's Tricorne
Orbiting Fire Carouser's Capotain
Steaming Scotsman's Stov Pipe

Nuts'n'Bolts Magnificient Mongolian
Blizzardy Storm Pugilist's Protector x3 (White)
Bubbling Heavy Duty Rag
Roboactive Gridion Guardian
Orbiting Planets Hound Dog
Stormy Storm Officer's Ushanka
Bubbling Gym Rat
Smoking Football Helm
Orbiting Fire Pugilist's Protector
Steaming Tough Guy's Toque
Purple Energy Large Luchadore
Green Energy Hound Dog
Green Energy Starboard Crusader

Orbiting Fire Buckaroos
Circling TF Logo Buckaroos
Blizzardy Storm Buckaroos
Stormy Storm Western Wear x2
Nuts'n'Bolts Western Wear
Scorching Flames Festive Industrializer
Smoking Barnstormer
Smoking Texas Ten Gallon
Memory Leak Western Wear
Disco Beatdown Barnstormer x2
Circling Peace Sign Safe'n'Sound
Orbiting Planets Brainiac Hairpiece
Blizzardy Storm Pencil Pusher
Green Energy Engineer's Cap (Duped)
Burning Flames El Mustacho

Orbiting Fire Prussian Pickelhaube
Smoking German Gonzila

Orbiting Planets Shooter's Sola Topi
Orbiting Planets Crocleathers Slouch
Bubbling Your Worst Nightmare
Steaming Liquidator's Lid
Orbiting Planets Swagman's Swatter
Smoking Ol' Snaggletooth
Harvest Moon Shooter's Sola Topi
Defragmenting Reality Missing Piece [Unboxed]

Stormy Storm Counterfeit Billycock
Misty Skull Nanobalaclava
Kill-a-Watt Familiar Fez
Strange Starstorm Insomnia Big Topper [Unboxed]

Steaming Modest Metal Pile of Scrap
Blizzardy Storm Private Eye
Orbiting Fire Company Man (Broker)
Dead Presidents Human Cannonball
Kill-a-Watt Company Man
Sunbeams Modest Pile of Hat
Pyroland DayDream Citizen Cane [Unboxed]
Purple Energy Citizen Cane [Unboxed]
Fragmenting Reality Citizen Cane [Unboxed]
Frozen Icefall Globetrotter [Unboxed]
Burning Flames Bumble Beanie [Unboxed]
Sparkling Lights Citizen Cane [Unboxed]
Miami Nights Yule Log [Unboxed]
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Before You Add me to Trade
I appreciate your interest, but Im not an active trader now to accept random invites. If you are interested in something though, please instead send a Trade Offer and we can go from there.

Certain Items in my inventory are part of Dream Loadouts, and are likely to not leave. Its not impossible to sway me, but very unlikely.

Thank You for your Understanding.
Mari Dec 29, 2020 @ 12:42am 
I claim this girl for Canada.
irb Nov 5, 2016 @ 12:25pm 
My OC is called 5h4d0w M4n. When he was borned, he killed his entire families. After, he went and lived in a cave since it was dark. While in there, he used the rocks to cut his name into his arm. He likes sharp things since they're just as edgy as him. One day, he got boreded, so he kill people. His power is that he can instantly kill ANYONE he saws. While he was killing peoples, his twin brother came out of nowhere and said "we must fight to the dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111". They fight for 6 years without stopping! Then, 5h4d0w M4n killed him!!!! Every single girls in the entire worlds have sexes with him!!!!!! Then, he die of cancer. :steamsad::steamsad::steamsad:
milk Oct 9, 2016 @ 4:13pm 
that unusual list
irb Sep 21, 2016 @ 7:35pm 
I have revived this comment section
Nebula Aug 30, 2016 @ 7:16am 
Ara Ara
Nui♥Harime™ Aug 16, 2016 @ 8:12am 
Cutie <3