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Jwam Jul 16, 2018 @ 10:41pm 
Hi, I can give my Vulcan AK-47 ft for all of your csgo graffities and cases (Im collecting them) so if it's ok for you send me trade offer please. Link in my bio
Spacem0nkey Mar 12, 2018 @ 1:37pm 
Lol, we played in a DM server. Just wanted to tell you that you were the only one that worth something in that server. gg
jjdsjk Mar 10, 2018 @ 6:45pm 
you are ugly
JoHoeBUD Jan 3, 2018 @ 7:07pm 
-rep looks like a fork
JoHoeBUD Dec 2, 2017 @ 1:25pm 
rep lazy eye finally popped off
JoHoeBUD Apr 7, 2017 @ 7:46pm 
♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ retard who has a lazy eye and doesn't ever pop off