(A.M.G.H.) Vinnie Cannoli
Sean William Houser   Temecula, California, United States

A.M.G.H. Marines founded in 2001.
(Anime Monster Girl Hunters)

Before you join please fill out your application full name/age and about you.

Now hiring for new recurits, including Youtubers.

HQ Location: California and LA

About missions: I can brief you about missions from command.

About us: it's an idea of my own ex military, most of people dont understand what the monster girls do to you some of them mate or kill you, there are some of the friendly monster girls that im ok with, and also they have portal so they can go places like the city and town and everywhere, so we shut down the portal using EMP missile, Queen Monster girls have the ability to transform humans through sex, so our mission is to protect humanity and friendly monster girls.

UPDATE: i was told to investigation at Akademi High School on March-5-2017.

UPDATE: Just you know i change names and the way i act like resident evil games and the walking dead games and any games.

UPDATE: I met markiplier at comic con i was wearing a BLU Team Hat and a alien shirt.

UPDATE: A Yandere Virus was a deadly chemical used by monster plant girl or a Terrorist group called K.V.A.

UPDATE: The K.V.A are aftering a girl name Cherry Pau, her real name was Paulie Russell, they are going to kill her for revenge of ther leader been K.I.A.

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