John Smith   United States
*Please read my friend request rules below.*

I love meeting new people, but I can't become acquainted through just a username and an avatar. If you want to become friends, you need to have the following: At least one active multiplayer game we could play together (E.G. War-Thunder or some such... oh, and dead games don't count). A comment below explaining why you want to become friends and also what games we could play together. If you don't follow these guidelines, your friend request will be ignored.

If you're part of Tactical Advance, you have a different set of requirements. Post a comment below with your TA website account name (so I can verify you) and simply send me a friend request.

These guidelines are in everybody's best interest. It's no fun ignoring people that reach out to you, but we both need to know a little bit about each other, beforehand.

Thanks for understanding.
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