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Chris   Mazowieckie, Poland
A zone of good music.
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Age: 24
Name: Krzysiek (Chris)
Country: Poland
I love my wife
Favorite Games: TF2, L4D2, DMC
My clan: Liga Cieni
Something about me:
- I don't care what you think of me.
- I don't be nice guy. I'am pure evil :redorb:
- I don't have much time to play. (Work and watching movies with my sweetheart :steamhappy:)
- Trade? Answer


https://youtu.be/47nH5uTHRkU <> https://youtu.be/VbHpGfcyzbE
https://youtu.be/YXx_8eyLXnw <> https://youtu.be/hTWKbfoikeg
https://youtu.be/7dg1k_SLPuY <> https://youtu.be/kXYiU_JCYtU

Songs for my dream team <L.C>

For brother - https://youtu.be/sYTDSCDGcCM
For wife - https://youtu.be/EMGyrTQZjUY
For old friend - https://youtu.be/5JqY-6q-RNA
For a great Swedish player - https://youtu.be/VqoyKzgkqR4
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Phoenix <L.C> Mar 3 @ 10:37am 
Diabeł Stróż Mar 2 @ 4:11am 
Już jutro :D :D :D
Phoenix <L.C> Mar 2 @ 1:12am 
jeszcze 2 dni ;D

Phoenix <L.C> Mar 1 @ 1:00pm 
jeszcze 3 dni (4 dnia zapomnialem ale chyba nikt mnie nie zabije c'nie?)
Phoenix <L.C> Feb 27 @ 6:51am 
jeszcze 5 dni :D
GEBER<L.C> Feb 27 @ 6:07am 
jeszcze 5 dni