Andrew   United States
I got a Youtube thing.
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ELO- Livin' Thing
A huge thank you to Sly Fox for drawing me this awsome picture []
Random info about me:

I was diagonosed with Narcolepsy in 2013

My word of wisdom is "With every disadvantage comes an advantage"

A quote I like: "Boldly they rode and well, Into the jaws of Death, Into the mouth of Hell"

One of the first to get the Holiday 2015 badge. Proof:

I love winter

I'm Irish :clover:

I didn't get my first unusual in TF2 until 3,047 hours...

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I'm the real Balbert

I love this map
Some of my favorite Steam Messages:

BalbertDickens™ : I feel like making a sassy black lady in Saints Row IV
Snuggles | Ghoul:
Snuggles | Ghoul: u did this to yourself :steammocking:
BalbertDickens™ : I was gone for a second and they vote me off
BalbertDickens™ : fuck pubs
Snuggles | Ghoul: lol
BalbertDickens™ : All I did was get a drink of soda
Snuggles | Ghoul: xD
Lugia - Birthday in 2 Days: I just sent you this message as a hope it would make you stop drawing and look at the screen to notice you just wasted 10 seconds of your life reading this pointless message.
BalbertDickens™ [Drawing]: Lol
BalbertDickens™: I guess I'll have to write an email to Valve saying that I still haven't got my pass time beta pin
Spartanius: Meh, I don't think it's worth the hassle.
Spartanius: The badge is pretty shit.
BalbertDickens™: ik, but I had to deal with 20 minutes of the announcer spamming when someone held the ball
Spartanius: lol
BalbertDickens™: I'm not lying when I say I was about ready to pass out
Spartanius: Haha, I hear ya.
BalbertDickens™: I'm spending a lot on time on this
BalbertDickens™: I started at 6:00 pm. Send help.
Mr.Light: wow
BalbertDickens™: currently 12:36 am
BalbertDickens™ | : cbnh6ml;'./
Yosephus: k
BalbertDickens™ | : Sorry
BalbertDickens™ | : Was cleaning my keyboard
BalbertDickens™ | : Thought steam was closed
Yosephus: lmao its fine
BalbertDickens™ | : lmfao
Yosephus: xD
BalbertDickens™ | : I spilt Coke on it
BalbertDickens™ | : trying to get it cleaned up best I can before it gets sticky
BalbertDickens™ | : lmfao
BalbertDickens™ | : Sorry about that
BalbertDickens™ | : I can't stop laughing
Yosephus: :P
BalbertDickens™ | : your response made it much funnier
BalbertDickens™ | : I can only imagine what the hell you were thinking when I "typed" that
Yosephus: I waas like is that boi high or drunk or just stoopid
Yosephus: then i was like whatever
Yosephus: he made a poster
BalbertDickens™ | : Stupid. I need to not keep drinks so close to my damn equipment
BalbertDickens™: I realised that in ME2 you had to do that bullshit probe shit to gather resources to upgrade your ship
BalbertDickens™: That's probably why so many died
Snuggleur: Yeah, that could happen. like that is retarded
BalbertDickens™: That and because I barely did their loyalty mission, I forgot if Ashley would get pissed in ME3 if you said the wrong thing when all of these women are flirting with me. So I just played it safe. Turns out "playing it safe" was not safe and resulted in the death of like 7 of my crew
BalbertDickens™: But honestly as long as Garrus and Ashley survive(Which they did) I really don't give a shit about anyone else

Video Game Chat:
X- Nbr1Rckr #jadaoui : who's straight in 2018
X- Nbr1Rckr #jadaoui : it's not even legal
Pibb Xtra : v tru
(Voice) meiffy: MEDIC!
BalbertDickens™ : I am
(Voice) TheBooge: MEDIC!
Sir Willy : Yeah bet
X- Nbr1Rckr #jadaoui : ARREST THAT MAN
Memories <3 : fuck straight people #gayPride #endStraightLives
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Master Chief is finally coming to PC
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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
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I wanted to make some custom particles and upload them to the workshop for you fine people. If you want, you can suggest that I should make more particles that follows the fire theme. Post them in the comments or add me (State why though). Currently has t
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Created by - BalbertDickens™
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Created by - Cryptix, Luki, ABI TALENT, Aevoa, and The Odd Fox
6,986 ratings
This guide explains how to upload GIF and PNG files as Steam screenshots. This guide is also the quickest method for uploading custom screenshots.
lilly Jun 14 @ 6:29am 
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+rep plays Sniper offensively
General jruokis the Merciless Apr 12, 2018 @ 8:30pm 
Fantastic loadout you got there, Soldier!
Yosephus | Oct 31, 2017 @ 2:45pm 
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Was watching your stream and you seemed like a fun person to play tf2 with :D
Yosephus | Jun 11, 2017 @ 8:49pm