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✪ Retarded Sheep ✪ Jul 27 @ 12:39pm 
undeserved rank, 0 gamesense brain dead mentaly chalenged
deiseN Jul 9 @ 9:38pm 
-rep garbage player, garbage aim and so much talking such a girl in game
Borat Apr 25 @ 9:08am 
last guy has 10hp on 2round and he hunts and gives away an ak-47 like a noob :)= and when i tell him that he gave away an ak he denied it :D
k. Apr 25 @ 8:42am 
i was calling the whole game while you're busy yelling at me in german
H3# Apr 25 @ 8:36am 
H3# Apr 25 @ 8:35am 
no calls, just single yolo player