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仮想夢プラザ : 夢市

"You are not the problem, the problem is the problem"

infs. Thaigrr: fuuuuuck man
dolly: yo
infs. Thaigrr: my rugby coach got me a stripper for my 18th
infs. Thaigrr: sounds good
infs. Thaigrr: but no
dolly: LAD
infs. Thaigrr: noooo no no no no
infs. Thaigrr: it was a 16 stone stripper
dolly: holy fuck
infs. Thaigrr: with tits like fucking kites
infs. Thaigrr: IT WAS SO BAD
infs. Thaigrr: i had to sit there for like 20 mins
infs. Thaigrr: while she.....i dont even know
infs. Thaigrr: tried to gimme a boner
dolly: brillian
dolly: t
infs. Thaigrr: i mean you know when you get abit of a chunky girl
infs. Thaigrr: they can still have a pretty face
infs. Thaigrr: nah
infs. Thaigrr: not even that

Spriteᴹᵉᵉᴹ LFT : why are u so angry that i'm high and ur not =s

welcome to my twisted world: https://68.media.tumblr.com/f1fff740dcb8dd917bf5a5ccb9a17100/tumblr_ntw8anb1DY1s391qwo1_400.gif
Deox: thats me on that F A T cleanup patrol getting them 6ks

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