Chris   Burlington, Vermont, United States
Collecting "signed" Dalokohs Bar !

If you are adding me for trading purposes, please post below why you are adding me otherwise I'll probably ignore you or be very annoyed...

*ATTENTION*: I was banned on SourceOp from purchasing keys from an "obvious" scammer alt, I am NOT a scammer nor will I ever be. I had 14 pages of meaningful and valid reputation. Although it seems my rep thread is now inaccessible even though I don't think that's the right protocol. Regardless, my selling/buying page is still accessible, so I hope that makes people feel more at ease about making transactions with me. We can discuss who will go first, but I won't be keen to go first (unless you have decent rep). I can provide a screenshot of my ban reason, if needed.

Feel free to sift through my 900 + comments about tf2outpost trading for the PayPal transaction ones ^^

I've had a few imposters before so make sure you are making arrangements with the real me.

- I am an SR Donator.
- 800 + rep on my Steam profile
- I have an "autographed" Dalokah's Bar collection
- 2 gifted items: 1 from Mattie and 1 from The Director
- an Armored Authority crafted by hotlesbianassassin


Babies' Philosophy:

3:27 PM - Sunnyᵛʷ⁰ : I came home to 56 one time
3:27 PM - Sunnyᵛʷ⁰ : I think I told Sol
3:27 PM - Babies #Online: overnight?
3:27 PM - Sunnyᵛʷ⁰ : yeah
3:28 PM - Sunnyᵛʷ⁰ : it was nuts
3:28 PM - Babies #Online: damn nigga
3:28 PM - Sunnyᵛʷ⁰ : I had a lot of pure for sale for PayPal
3:28 PM - Sunnyᵛʷ⁰ : at cheap prices
3:28 PM - Babies #Online: oh lol
3:28 PM - Babies #Online: thats why you put that
3:28 PM - Babies #Online: trade up when you get home
3:28 PM - Babies #Online: not before you go to bed
3:29 PM - Sunnyᵛʷ⁰ : touche
3:29 PM - Sunnyᵛʷ⁰ : #tradingtip
3:29 PM - Babies #Online: #buymybook
3:29 PM - Babies #Online: #youmakebank
3:29 PM - Babies #Online: #babytrading
3:29 PM - Sunnyᵛʷ⁰ : LOL
3:29 PM - Babies #Online: damn nigga someone should quote me on that haha
3:29 PM - Babies #Online: probably the best thing i said all week

Don't you just hate it when? []
Don't add me and turn out like this guy... #firstnoob []
Or this guy too #secondnoob []
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added for trade
nickelous Aug 31, 2014 @ 8:19am 
added for the cutthroat concierge, want to talk about price
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added you for the C.Moon Charmers, i offered on your op trade :)
Tristan Aug 4, 2014 @ 8:25pm 
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Added as you own the other C.Moon Charmers and I wanted to chat if you have the time!
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+rep :D