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May 29 @ 10:22pm
In topic Ranged vs Melee balance.
After playing close to 50 hours and trying out alot of different builds, i noticed, that melee in this game is alot harder than just standing back and peppering enemies with long range arcana, with the exception of maybe some overpowered combos like berserk+any basic arcana. However when i tried to do a Neve's Emerald full melee earth build, and getting my♥♥♥♥♥handed to me even on the first floor, i realised whats the issue here. Lancers and lack of iframes on dash. if you happen to run into a group of lancers, who happen to attack you asynchronously, you simply cant get to them, since your dash doesnt provide you with iframes. Not saying its impossible, you can still run around, or back away and wait for them to synchronise with each other, but it feels... Unrewarding. It feels that melee arcana puts you at a disadvantage, by forcing you into dangerous positions without any payoff. Im not a game dev, but it feels unbalanced. As for solutions... Idk, increase strength of melee-range arcana or give iframes on dashes? Reward player for chosing more dangerous rout, or give him a way to counter that danger with skill, aka properly timed dashes.
May 29 @ 10:14pm
In topic How to counter...
For the boss you can either position yourself on the same x-axis as the boss, and then run straight throught them (they are slow enought, that you can run through them to the other side) or more reliable way, just run to any corner when the attack starts (lets say bottom left) and as soon as projectiles start coming for you, first run to the top left, and then to top right corners. for earth mages, just run in circles...
May 28 @ 3:28pm
In topic machine gun (sword) build
bolt rail is better for magnetic follow up, since it does 4 hits in standard combo, while ice dagger only 3 hits. but yeah, berserk+follow up+zephyr+double toil and cooldown robe and you are untouchable with insane dps...
May 28 @ 3:24pm
In topic How do i beat the Trials?
Getting "shift" robe might be better option, if your not sure about your dodges, since 10% evade effectively means you take 10% less damage across entire run, and the robe still has some crit (half of what awe has). Aside from that never decline the doctor lady: all her items are good, with messy prescriptions being one of the best ones for new players. You can also aim for one of the "op" combos, like Evading Zephyr+ Fueled Berserk, but that comes down to luck, since you can only take 1 standard arkana...
Venture robe


Bolt rail
Berserk/Zephyr/Magnetic followup
any dash, doesnt matter
any signature, doesnt matter.

Bolt rail is just too op atm, especially once you upgrade it: allows you to permanently stunlock (shocklock?) enemies, so that all trash mobs become obsolete. Combine it with berserk if you want DEEEPS, combine with zephyr if you want to ignore enemy attacks, or with magnetic followup if your banking on gettin Silver Spinning Top. If you get all 3 in one run (from shops), you become GOD INCARNATE.
May 26 @ 12:52pm
In topic Boss [Im]balance (Earth Mage Boss)
Never had problem with earth guy honestly, and his pillar attack is one of the easiest to dodge as long as your not freaking out and not running in the corner right away. Personally i find fire lvl3 to be hardest: that triple fire dash always tags me unless i gtfo as far away from her as i can, and the damn fire shower is just too random and sometimes makes it impossible to dodge...
May 26 @ 12:39pm
In topic Taffy on Floor 1-1
Any basic arcana + fueled berserk should do the trick, but for easiest setup ice dagger, or bolt rail + berserk murders him in seconds
Celceta is published by Xseed... There is still god in this world... THANK YOU!
I like how people still beleive them when they announce the release day... You'd think, that after 3 lies, community would know better...
"blah, blah, blah, we delay the game again, blah, blah"
Oh wow, who could have seen that coming? This is such a surprising surprise, that it surprised exactly... nobody... Sorry, NISA, you cant even dissapoint me anymore.
Nov 2, 2017 @ 6:20pm
In topic Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA Localization Update
Originally posted by Cassette:
they never work with NISA again.
If theres still justice in this world, it will be so...
Nov 2, 2017 @ 6:11pm
In topic Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA Localization Update
When you hit the rock bottom, the only way to go is up, i suppose, so good luck, NISA, you have a long climb ahead of you, if you want to redeem yourselves in the eyes of your customers.
I just hope to remember that this game exists by the time it is released... oh well, at least i have mortal empires to sink my time into...
Oct 10, 2017 @ 7:36pm
In topic PC Version Release Update and Progress Report
Damage done, trust shaken, they say 2 months, but i have no faith in their words left in me. I have a feeling Falcom will make Ys9 and publish it with XSEED (hopefully) before this one comes out... Oh well, at least we got some info...
Oct 10, 2017 @ 6:42pm
In topic PC Release Delay Announcement
Originally posted by devSin:
Originally posted by jbarksey:
Yeah thats what i dont get either. You would think they would relay some sort of update to the largest gaming platform on the pc. NISA clearly didnt care at all about the quality of the game.
At the end of the day, these are user forums, and almost all publishers treat them as such.

They had to say something initially since they were already selling the game with a particular release date, but posting further updates here is probably a low priority.

Im not talking just about forums: news tab, store page, there is no news ANYWHERE on steam.
Oct 10, 2017 @ 5:05pm
In topic PC Release Delay Announcement
Funny thing, theres still no official update anywhere on steam... Are we supposed to find news from gaming magazines and such? The number of f*cks NISA doesnt give about their PC playerbase is simply astonishing. On the topic of reediting, or whatever they are doing, am i the only one who thinks that they might as well just give the project back to XSEED? They will probably release the game faster even if they have to do everything from scratch...
Oct 9, 2017 @ 7:19pm
In topic Love Ys
Originally posted by Red:
I did not say that. I've said what I've said, that ignoring the game because of a delay is only going to end up in missing out on a GREAT game. Whether you think missing out on a great game over fake outrage is worth is or not is your choice. At no point was I DEFENDING the delay itself (Which is obviously a bad and unprofessional thing, although it's still better than releasing an unfinished product).

Wow, you... Managed to completely miss my point, didnt you? It is truly mind-boggling how tunnel-visioned people can be on their own opinions... Ok, let me reiterate it for the third time! Buying the game at full price after the delay IS encouraging future delays IN ITSELF. By doing so you are telling companies that they will have no consequences for delaying the game as long as the game is good. That is an anti-consumer practice and we should stop doing it! Im not telling to completely ignore the game, no. What im saying is that companies need to feel the price for their fk up in the form of lost profit: buy the game on sale, or in bundle, not for the full price! It is because of people like you, who buy the games regardless of how much crap devs/publishers throw at them, that they feel like they can continue to get away with bullcrap like delays, complete lack of communication and (and that does not apply to Ys8, thankfully) microtransactions in singleplayer games (im looking at you, shadow of war). You say that you dont defend the dalay, but thats just words, i can say whatever i want, it means nothing! Your actions on the other hand (buying the game regardless of delays and other crap) is exactly why stuff like that will keep happening: players can whine all they want, but as long as they are opening their wallets, companies dont care how loud they are. We need to stop this. Not just speak about how delays suk and how you dont justify them, but actually DO SOMETHING about it. Like NOT buying the game on launch.
TL:DR Dont let NISA get away with all the BS it is putting their playerbase through. Dont buy game on launch at full price, wait for sale, regardless of how good the actual game is.

Originally posted by Red:
I waited two weeks for Sonic Mania to come out to Steam and loved the game. Some people refunded the game because of the two week delay, I didn't, I waited those weeks and played the game and didn't regret the waiting. That's all there is to it, I didn't defend SEGA for the delay.

The people who refunded their games are the smart ones: they probably bought it on sale and enjoyed it as much as you did, but they also punished SEGA for their fk up with lost sales.
Oct 9, 2017 @ 11:34am
In topic Love Ys
Originally posted by Red:
All the post says is that the game is so good that it's not worth skipping it over a month or two of a delay because you would be missing out on an excellent game.

That is exactly what justifying of the delay is: You are basically saying it's ok for you to delay the game, since it's so good and i will wait for it regardless. My point is that it is NOT ok to do that, unless we want companies to continue this practice: "oh, we are localizing a great game? Then we dont need to work hard, fans will buy it regardless of quality, we can even delay it if we want! Heck, we can even stop any communication with customers whatsoever, the game is so good they will suck it up!". Is that what you want?

Originally posted by Red:
It's not the first time I have to deal with your dishonest post twisting so either stop engaging with my posts or for once have a honest conversation or argument because I'm getting tired of your BS. One more strike and I'll just ignore you like I do with a couple of other people here who only come to this place to cause trouble. Your choice.
Oh no, senpai! Please dont ignore me! Whatever am i gonna do without your attention?! Im begging you, PLEASE notice me, senpai!
Oct 8, 2017 @ 6:56pm
In topic Love Ys
Originally posted by Red:
it's definitely worth an extra month or so of delay for the PC version.

This is BS. When company announces release date, they are commiting to that date, after all they can just keep "coming soon" until 1 day before release, when they are 100% sure the game will be ready tomorrow. But when company announses release way ahead, and then delays it, it's a fk up on the company part and there's nothing "worth it" about it. Yes, i know, stuff happens, sometimes nothing can be done, however people should stop justifying company fk ups with things like "they are improving gameplay, so its ok". No, its not ok: gameplay shouldve been improved by the original release day, not after a delay!
Delays happen, thats sad reality, but for god's sake, stop pretending that companies do us a favor with these delays and treat them as they are - a f*ck up on company side.
Oct 5, 2017 @ 9:03pm
In topic I begin to be seriously worried
Originally posted by Nope:
actually he mean the ps4 version cause I don't think the beta version can cover the whole game

It does say that hes in-game Ys8 on his steam account, so...
besides what kind of beta testing is it, if they test only part of the game?
Oct 5, 2017 @ 8:57pm
In topic I begin to be seriously worried
Originally posted by Red:
because I'm testing the post game dungeon on inferno and God damn it, it hurts like hell.

Well that tells me that the game is at least playable to the post game dungeon stage, which is reassuring. I would honestly love to see more posts like that, with the details of ongoing test, but idk if you should be posting stuff like that. I honestly hope that you dont get blacklisted or something cus of that slip up...
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