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Edit: I've had a bunch of questions for how to rule on boosting service games (for example where only one person is moving and the other team is afk in spawn or spinning and just waits to be killed).

If you believe that boosting is a net negative to the community, then in the short term I would suggest ruling these as griefing.
Nguyên văn bởi red_dwarf:
CUDA is robust unit with a lot of functions.

"You keep using this word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

There can be only limited count of them per chip and needs more parameters to call which algorithm and how to use. It makes it slow for high count of iterations in a row. RT core needs no settings to work. It is simple and there can be a lot of those.

Of course, that's why the RTX 2080 Ti has a mere 4,352 CUDA cores but a massive 68 RT cores: because the RT cores are so simple and plentiful 🙄

To enable ray tracing on GTX, they just redirected extension to CUDA cores, because those have such functionality for long time. I'm saying this all the time. Nothing is emulated, it is simple algorithm computed on CUDA cores instead of RT cores. Any Pascal GPU with CUDA is capable to run ray tracing, because it is already there. But it is not meant for games or real time rendering, it is slow. RT cores contains nothing special about ray tracing, because most important part is done in game engine. That is why all games can run on GTX with driver enabled ray tracing and no patching is needed.

You really are clueless.

Path tracing have no definition. It is nothing. Ray tracing is clearly defined and it's definition is applicable to even to Q2VKPT.
More gibberish. All pathtracing is ray tracing; not all ray tracing is pathtracing. Just because you fail to understand the differences in the terms, it doesn't mean there aren't any.
Nguyên văn bởi red_dwarf:
You are wrong, RTX on GTX card is driver enabled the way that even Microsoft DXR and Nvidia OptiX have ray tracing enabled.
... in hardware.

You are somehow stuck with Vulkan.

Not "somehow." This game uses a specific Vulkan extension, implemented in the driver and run on the GPU. It cannot run the pathtracing without support for that extension.

CUDA is robust unit able to use more algorithms per one iteration.

This is still gibberish. You might mean "general," but that still doesn't make it a CPU. It's still specialised parallel hardware.

BTW, I'm saying it all the time, RT cores are solving ray paths, I don't know why you think that I started sentence with something you can't even specify.
Your specific claims in this thread are that all raytracing is pathtracing and that the pathtracing renderer is a software renderer. Both of those claims are false. You then proceeded to be abusive to anyone that responded to you. Like I've already said to you: you should try to be less wrong, and less foolish.
Nguyên văn bởi red_dwarf:
CUDA cores or shader cores (same thing) are not emulating anything. It is doing same thing,

The driver implements vk_nv_raytracing on the CUDA cores. There are currently no other implementations of vk_nv_raytracing.

but CUDA core is too robust to compute simple algorithm thousands iterations per second.

I have no idea what you mean here, although you've already said that your English sometimes isn't great.

If you're trying to say that the CUDA cores have to break down the compound instructions into smaller ones, that is true. If you're trying to say something else, then you're probably wrong. The Tensor cores can do matrix multiply and accumulate faster than the CUDA ones, and the RT cores can do intersection calculations faster than the CUDA ones.

It just supports what I'm saying, ray tracing is done in software

No, it doesn't, and no, it isn't. At no point is it "done in software."

RTX is just accelerating ray paths. It can be done on CUDA, but slow.

This is true, and is a completely different thing to what you've been lashing out about, and a completely different thing to how you started that sentence.

Given your incomplete understanding and your incomplete comprehension, becoming aggressive with random strangers as your very first step is a really bad plan.
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Trong chủ đề Windows is pushing me... Some questions.
If that's displayed by the TV itself, that's just that it's not advertising the resolutions it supports in a way that your computer can understand.
Nguyên văn bởi MASTAN:
VK_NV_ray_tracing extension is emulated on GPU(via shaders?) on some GTX cards. And it works slow af there.

RT Cores on GeForce RTX GPUs provide dedicated hardware to accelerate BVH and ray / triangle intersection calculations, dramatically accelerating ray tracing. On GeForce GTX hardware, these calculations are performed on the shader cores, a resource shared with many other graphics functions of the GPU.


Our clueless & abusive friend won't read it, of course, or understand it, but others might find it interesting.
Nguyên văn bởi red_dwarf:
If you look into Q2RTX sources, there is ray tracing implemented by software.
No, there isn't. There is path tracing implemented in Vulkan.

If someone implemented that Vulkan extension in software, there would be a software implementation, but no one has. In all likelihood no one will.
Nguyên văn bởi red_dwarf:
How foolish you can be to just attack without any understanding of problem?
You would know, since that's all you've done so far.

Quake 2 RTX requires support for the vk_nv_raytracing Vulkan extension, as you've already been told, but flew off the handle rather than bothering to understand. That extension is supported by the driver on Turing cards and some Pascal cards. In all cases it runs on the GPU hardware.

There are no software implementations of vk_nv_raytracing. None. Zero. Zilch.

What that fork of Quake 2 RTX does is allow you to select the OpenGL renderer prior to launching the game. The OpenGL renderer has no path tracing. None. Zero. Zilch.

Using the path tracing renderer in that fork requires exactly the same support for the vk_nv_raytracing extension as the main project, which means it requires exactly the same hardware as the main project.
Nguyên văn bởi red_dwarf:
Nguyên văn bởi WarnerCK:
If you had any idea of how foolish you look right now, you'd curl into a ball and hope for the ground to swallow you.

I don't, you do.
You're right: you don't know how foolish you look, and I do know how foolish you look.

Everything you've said in this thread has been entirely wrong. You should try being less wrong, and less foolish.
Nguyên văn bởi red_dwarf:
it can be played without RTX card. Ray tracing is software implemented, RTX card provides just acceleration for it. Here is mod removing GPU checking so it can be played on non RTX cards:
If you had any idea of how foolish you look right now, you'd curl into a ball and hope for the ground to swallow you.
Nguyên văn bởi ack0329:
I totally agree with the Exception that ....
Ubuntu clearly SAYS

I'm not sure which part of "long-standing bug in the way that packages from the PPA are displayed" is difficult to follow.

But in REALITY I would be very surprised that Ubuntu with its' "Hate-On" for Nvidia actually has spent much if any time manipulating these Drivers
Ubuntu is the most Nvidia-friendly distro of them all. They've had the option to download and install the proprietary driver as part of the OS install process for years, now they're including those drivers in their install images, and they've done loads of work getting Gnome on Wayland on Nvidia to actually, you know, work, when no one else could be bothered.

No one but Nvidia can look at or change the proprietary driver; that is the nature of proprietary software.
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Trong chủ đề 1000 FPS RTX off
That's the engine limit. It can't count any higher than that. Unless you're playing on a machine from 1997, everyone gets 1000 fps in OpenGL mode.
9 Thg07 @ 4:40pm
Trong chủ đề can't run hardware acceleration mode
I've had no issues at all running the 430 drivers on 18.04.

You do have to purge the old drivers before installing the new ones if you're switching between branches.
Nguyên văn bởi LuftWafflës:
Steam should throw a flag up so people like me don't download it thinking it will run.
System Requirements


Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060, or higher
You need a 2060 or better to play it, because they will implement vk_nv_raytracing in hardware.

You can run it with a 6 GB 1060 or better because vk_nv_raytracing is emulated by the driver, but you won't get playable framerates. Less than a 1060 doesn't have the grunt to run the emulation, either, so it's not enabled in the driver.
6 Thg07 @ 3:48pm
Trong chủ đề No Ray Tracing GPU GameCrash
You need something that implements the vk_nv_raytracing extension. That's the 6 GB GTX 1060 and above, using the 430 driver branch. No GPUs from AMD or Intel implement that extension yet.

There are different mods if you just want to run Quake 2 on more modern hardware.
6 Thg07 @ 11:48am
Trong chủ đề Anyway to hack to the expansions in?
Yep, that's the one :steamhappy:
6 Thg07 @ 11:47am
Trong chủ đề Anyway to hack to the expansions in?
Someone here has made a build that will run them, although ideally you would use new textures that have lightmaps. I'm sure you can find the thread.

Nvidia won't include support for the expansions because of concerns that the licensing of the expansions precludes reverse-engineering in some jurisdictions.
6 Thg07 @ 11:43am
Trong chủ đề No Ray Tracing GPU GameCrash
Nguyên văn bởi Chunk McChip:
what about me? i got a Nvidia GTX 1060.
If it's the 6 GB version and you have the 430 driver branch it will run. Not at a playable rate, but you can look at the pictures.

An RTX card is necessary to be able to play it, and only really at 1080p. Different models will allow higher settings, but not really a higher resolution.
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Trong chủ đề What kind of frames could you expect on a hp laptop
Nguyên văn bởi Mickel83:
I fell little.. I should of really put that togther, but still.
You aren't the first, and I doubt you'll be the last :)

Even a potato will get 1000 fps (the engine limit) of OpenGL Quake 2.
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