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V tématu „Question about graphics and such
MASTAN původně napsal:
I think I've read somewhere that performance of pathtracing with increasing number of polygons won't decrease significanly.

In order to maximize optimization profits one needs to carefully analyze the computational complexity of the ray tracing algorithm. The most expensive operation is the search for ray-geometry intersections. To reduce the number of primitives to be intersected acceleration structures like kd-trees are used. They typically reduce the complexity for finding a small set of potentially intersecting geometric primitives to be O(logn) if the number of primitives is n.


It gets harder to compute all the rays as you increase the number of potential intersections, but in a less-than-linear fashion.

Number of rays - the resolution of the screen and the number of bounces - is the big one for performance, rather than scene complexity. Traditional rasterisation suffers a lot from added scene complexity, but tricks and tweaks and fudges have been developed to try to hide that.
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V tématu „How the ♥♥♥♥ do I install this?
Yeah it asks me to choose where it is installed so it can install it. See the problem there?
You've misread the message. It's asking where an existing Quake 2 installation is so that it can copy over the non-shareware files.

If you don't have a full install of Quake 2 you get the first three levels.
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V tématu „No intro videos and music?
Quake 2 RTX doesn't have any support for cutscenes. At all.

You can just play them in VLC, though.
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V tématu „No intro videos and music?
It doesn't have any of the cutscenes. Q2PRO took them out.

Neither this version nor the Steam version of the base game include the music, although this version can (now) play the music if you copy it over. The GOG version includes the soundtrack.
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V tématu „Steam + Wayland = <3 ?
Rogue původně napsal:
To add to this, I would like to know the current state of Nvidia proprietary drivers on Wayland.

Last I checked, Nvidia proprietary drivers only worked well on Xorg, and Nvidia is trying to push support for EGLStream while everyone else (Intel, AMD, ARM, Broadcom, Wayland devs) wanted to pursue a buffer API called GBM.
You're out of date. Gnome and KDE both have EGLStreams solutions as well as Mesa's GBM. Nobody wanted GBM, particularly, it's just what was already there. Everyone's been too busy with whining about it to make a better something without the shortcomings of either approach. Which seems to be typical of Wayland development to date, really.
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V tématu „40 fps?
The (original) game doesn't need to actually run, you just need the asset files. This version runs everything, it's just those assets that can't be distributed for free. There's a script that will copy the files from an installation for you, or you can just copy the files manually from the disc.

The cpu is pretty much irrelevant for this. In OpenGL mode a modern potato can run it at 1000 fps, and in RTX mode it's essentially all done on the graphics card.
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V tématu „Damn.. so am I stupid or can AMD cards not run this?
If AMD implement vk_nv_raytracing in their drivers, AMD cards will be able to run this. They're unlikely to do that before they have hardware support. They're unlikely to have hardware support before the next-gen consoles are released, which will have AMD graphics and will be able to do some level of ray tracing.

For now, the only cards that can run this are the RTX 2000 series cards (accelerated), and unaccelerated on 1600 and some Pascal cards, and not at all on any AMD or Intel ones. That might change in the future.
Toast původně napsal:
But there are companies like Lenovo that distribute systems with linux pre-installed. Doesn't HP do it too?
The limitation is on advertising, not sales. They used to put restrictions on sales, too, but that got them in hot water so they can't do that any more. But they can still tie big discounts to their marketing: advertise Windows exclusively and get a discount; don't and you have to pay retail price for every copy.

Dell, for example, have made probably the biggest push with Project Sputnik but they still have "Dell recommends Windows" on every page - including the Linux ones - because it would be silly for them not to. The difference between the prices at the scale they operate makes not taking advantage of the discount a non-starter.
thetargos původně napsal:
I agree, Rogue. While there are good device agnostic solutions such as librat and piper that yield support for many devices. I think that is the way to develop things for devices from vendors like Logitech, ROCat, and others willing to get on the bandwagon will only be for the better in terms of user experience. Even making these solutions modular to the pojnt where independent vendors might be able to provide the config for their devices on these platforms.
I think that things like ratbag/piper and fwupd are the way to go. A central clearinghouse and presentation structure is so helpful. I think there's something similar in the works for Intel/AMD graphics options presentation, too?

Device manufacturers don't need to roll their own everything for every distro, or maintain it indefinitely, and end users don't need to try to work out what each device is sending down the wire for a bajillion different devices. The manufacturers can just dip their toe with some straightforward "this signal means this" stuff rather than having to go all-or-nothing with an upstreamed driver or abandoning their customers completely. Users and distros can just pull configs from the database and have it work.
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V tématu „Desktops, Laptops and MiniPCs with Linux Support
Cat on Linux původně napsal:

like this individual, who said no more Linux ports because there's too many bug reports and so little money. Even if we can debunk points in initial reddit post it is still awkward.
That specific twitter post was called out in the reddit thing you posted earlier:

I really wish the reverse of this was signal boosted as much as the initial complaint. The same guy admitted:

He didn't have much to do with the development of the Linux port of his game directly
They didn't do their due diligence with their middleware and picked a bad one
He hadn't actually looked at the current state of game development on Linux (his game was primarily developed almost 10 years ago at this point)
The comment itself was hearsay
He didn't know if the reports were distro specific or not (and Steam doesn't really actively support beyond Ubuntu)
He didn't know about the Steam runtime
He couldn't recall if the errors were relating to the AMD and Intel graphics errors with the middleware they picked (probably were given the game was working fine on Nvidia systems and wouldn't even launch on AMD or Intel)

He eventually after a long twitter chain with me stepped down and apologized for the comments. He just basically said we told him a lot about the current state and his comments were out of date. That's it.
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V tématu „Desktops, Laptops and MiniPCs with Linux Support
Even though the talking point was long ago debunked as an issue, I've never understood why people claimed that receiving bug reports was supposed to be a problem at all.

Of course Linux users would provide bug reports: it's only polite.

Having a buggy application and no bug reports means that your application just remains buggy, and your reputation takes a nosedive. It's not like the bugs are just magically not there if you wish hard enough. Without bug reports you need to do all the work of trying to fix your application yourself. Linux users are in the habit, and have the tools, and often the knowledge, to help you make your application better. That is something to be celebrated, not feared.
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V tématu „Some Steam games do not respect my keyboard layout
Blech. I hate WASD.

NachoDog původně napsal:
I can, of course, rebind keys in-game, but since I always have friends/family over to play, it makes for a *lot* of remapping
The solution there is to have a config file for you, and a config file for other people. Maybe multiple files for multiple people. Copy the appropriate file then start the game. Some games let you load new configs without leaving the game; I have no idea if Counter Strike does since I've never played it. Keymaps, mouse inversion, player name & model, and all things like that, can generally all be done at once just by loading the appropriate config file.
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V tématu „Linux find-retail-paks.sh script bug
... and it's done. Your suggested change has been merged.
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V tématu „Desktops, Laptops and MiniPCs with Linux Support
Back on topic:

Marlock původně napsal:
What else do we know exists already with official support from the vendors?

Intel are happy to say that their NUCs work with Linux[www.intel.co.uk] so there are a bunch of projects[itsfoss.com] using that platform as a base, some of which have already been mentioned.

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V tématu „Linux find-retail-paks.sh script bug
I've put the change to find-retail-packs.sh in a pull request. I agree that the condition is redundant, but I couldn't really be bothered to change both files.
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V tématu „Desktops, Laptops and MiniPCs with Linux Support
Cat on Linux původně napsal:
what about sales? if game gets only ~1-2% of its revenue from Linux users would it be worth a hassle to create port and to support this platform? Maybe it can be OK for big titles that plan to sell millions of copies, but indies can spend more resources on such port than they will earn from Linux sales.

As far as I'm concerned, being able to make your software cross-platform is table stakes for being able to think of yourself as a software developer. If someone's not capable of making their own software run on an additional platform with minimal effort then they aren't really a software developer at all, they're just a script kiddie.
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V tématu „Location of file for full game?
qx původně napsal:
I got the same message. Isn't this supposed to be the full game? Why would it be asking me for the game files. Those should be installed with the clean install that I just did through steam.
Why would the full game be free?

The game engine is free, which is what this modifies, and the levels that were included in the shareware release of Quake 2 are included here.

If you have already bought the full version of Quake 2, Quake 2 RTX can use those files to give you the full game with the path traced engine. That's what that dialogue box is saying. If you don't happen to have a copy already, it's currently £2.59 on GOG.
You might need to install the LunarG Vulkan SDK.
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V tématu „New on linux
Raptor Jesus původně napsal:
I just want an OS that would provide performance that are like the ones you can have on Windows, also not a complicated one I have 0 notions on linux lmao
They'll all perform the same as each other.

Learning how to use Linux is really easy. Unlearning bad habits from Windows is hard: that's where new users struggle.

It takes essentially no time at all to download a bunch of live install images and try them out to see if there are any that you like.
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