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Originally posted by red_dwarf:
But I think that they did not added light sources. They added flare gun for dark places.
What they did was make the in-level lights light sources, rather than pictures of lights, I believe. They also added a materials system, so that the in-game textures reflect light.

Without those, the underground sections of xatrix are pitch black, since there's nothing to light the scene.

Thinking about what I saw, it's probably the materials part that's most critical. That bit could probably be done with a CSV file with a list of all the textures, specifying which ones should be reflective. That's how it's done in the base Q2RTX game.
It works OK-ish to use the Yamagi xatrix with Q2RTX. It can't start the game because Q2RTX doesn't know what to do about the cinematic, but you can load the first map manually. No lights, so you'll need to keep shooting if you want to see anything in dark places. Are there supposed to be monsters at the start of the level?

Yep, it's definitely doable. Running the demos looks very cool, and the weapons seem to work OK.

The way Q2RTX works is that they manually went through each map and added the positions of light sources for their overrides. Someone would need to do the same here to have it work properly. Which is, I'd imagine, why they say that the expansion packs aren't supported. That, and you need support for running the cinematics, which Q2RTX doesn't have.
So, I've found some bits that load the models and things differently depending on whether you're using the vkpt renderer or the gl one (specifically, whether vid_rtx is non-zero). I've fiddled with them, and it's pretty easy to use the new models in the OpenGL renderer, which you can see here.[]

Using the models is just
346c346 < if (namelen > 4 && (strcmp(extension, ".md2") == 0) && vid_rtx->integer) --- > if (namelen > 4 && (strcmp(extension, ".md2") == 0))
for Q2RTX/src/refresh/models.c.

The textures are more complicated. Doing similar to images.c gets you the weapon textures as well, but textures on the other surfaces are tied into the materials system. A bit more fiddling would be required there, I suspect.
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In topic cutscenes
Q2PRO, which Q2RTX is without the new renderer, ripped out cutscene support because it was focused on multiplayer. Nvidia aren't sure that they can be bothered to put it back in - they aren't game developers, after all - but they'll include it if someone else makes it work.[]

This is a workaround till then.

Music is coming in the next update, and is already available if you're compiling from source.
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In topic Which Windows do I need for this?
It uses Vulkan rather than DirectX, so Windows 7 (x64) with a driver from the 430 branch should work.
OK, I sort of see how it works, and why it happens. Without using the RTX stuff, it is Q2PRO with the Q2XP stuff, as made sense, and how I'd originally thought. The thing that I didn't know was that the updated textures and models don't come from either Q2PRO or Q2XP. I'm not actually sure exactly where they came from (actually, I think at least some of them came from here).

Each renderer loads its own models and loads its own textures. The OpenGL renderer is exactly the same as Q2PRO, and looks exactly like your top screenshot, Mastan.

The RTX (well, vkpt) renderer picks up the new models & textures from q2rtx_media.pkz, and the gl renderer doesn't. I haven't found which bit picks up that archive as a source to draw from yet. The models are in md3 (Quake 3) format, which both renderers can understand. They have textures, which are in TGA format, which Q2PRO can understand. They also have normal-maps and light-maps, which Q2PRO doesn't understand (I think; maybe it does, but it needs other files too. idk).

So if someone wanted to use the new models and textures with the gl renderer, they would have to find out how to include the files from that archive, load up the models & the textures, then throw away the normal-maps (texture_n.tga) and the light-maps (texture_light.tga) and pop that into the gl renderer as part of how it loads its models and textures. Then everything should just work. Maybe.

The renderers are at src/refresh/ since that's how id referred to things that draw to the screen. The bits that load the files, as far as I can tell, are in src/common/files.c.

I tried simply extracting the weapon files from the .pkz file as a test, and that didn't work, so something else needs to be added somewhere.
Originally posted by MASTAN:
OpenGL renderer uses original Q2 models, only RTX uses updated ones.
Ah, yeah, you're right. I was mistaken. I'm not sure why it happened, though. It seems we get all the restrictions of Q2Pro, like no cutscenes, but not the benefits.

It would be better if it ran the other improvements from Q2Pro, then. Darlan was right.

I couldn't try the OpenGL renderer in original Quake 2 because that crashed Wine, and I couldn't be bothered to compile from the original source release.
Two decades of mods have given you rose-tinted glasses. The original textures were really bad.

I took some screenshots of the same place for a different thing. This[] is how it originally looked in Quake 2, and this[] is how it looks in Quake 2 RTX. You can see that even without the lighting (which you'd have to do yourself, obviously), the textures and models are much nicer than the original ones.
Originally posted by Darlan:
As someone with a 1070, I appreciate that it is not practical to expect it work with the full Raytracing effect, but it would be nice to have an option to turn off RTX Raytracing while also keeping the other improvements like better textures on. Basically, Quake II XP with other mods and texture work built right in instead of having to trust some random mod site's files.

That's what it does. When you turn off the RTX stuff, you have Q2PRO, which includes the Q2XP stuff. Q2RTX is only Q2PRO with a new Vulkan renderer.
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In topic Game won't start
Originally posted by Utophiλn:
Either there is no file on my end or I'm not looknig in the right place.

I don't know what to tell you; I have no idea where you've looked.

With all the time that you've spent on this, you could have installed Q2PRO (or vkQ2, which supports the cutscenes) and been most of the way to completing the game by now.

+vid_rtx "0"
to your launch options would have the same effect.
21 hours ago
In topic Game won't start
Originally posted by Utophiλn:
Where can I find that config file?

On Linux it would be in either ~./quake2rtx/baseq (where user settings are kept) or ~/.steam/steamapps/common/Quake II RTX/baseq (where the game is installed to).

I'm sure Windows has equivalent locations.

Without the RTX stuff, though, it is 100% exactly the same as Q2PRO, and you can't do the RTX stuff.
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In topic Game won't start
Originally posted by Utophiλn:
I understand it doesn't have RT features, alright. But isn't it supposed to launch at least?
No. They enabled the ray tracing extensions in the driver for 1060 and up. The game is gibberish as far as your card is concerned.

They could have run a script at launch to throw up a dialogue box to say, "this game is gibberish to your potato," but it seems they didn't. Maybe they forgot, or they were doing something else instead.

If you just want to play Quake 2 on your 1050 Ti, you can use Q2PRO, which Q2RTX is derived from, or VkQuake2, which renders using Vulkan, instead.

You might also be able to change your q2config.cfg so that it says
seta vid_rtx "0"
and it might work, although I've not tested it. It will certainly crash if you then set the renderer to rtx in-game, though.
The bits that you'd need, I think, are a means of defining a volume of the cone for direct Illumination, and scattering of light within the cone, both of which the god rays shader does with respect to the position of the sun. I'd imagine that you could duplicate that for taking it relative to the position of the torch.

Maybe it would look terrible, or be loads of work, but that infrastructure does seem to be in there already.
Jun 18 @ 7:06am
In topic Game won't start
Originally posted by Utophiλn:
Originally posted by WarnerCK:
You need a graphics driver that provides the vulkan ray tracing extensions. AMD's doesn't.

So the application doesn't start only because the GPU is not supported? Shouldn't it display an error message of sort?

Besides, I do have GTX 1050ti.
The 1050 Ti's driver also lacks the vulkan ray tracing extensions.

I have no idea how error messages are handled in Steam, in ancient software like Quake 2, or in software packaged for Steam.
Jun 18 @ 6:28am
In topic Game won't start
Originally posted by ᵈᵛᵛᶤᵈʷ:
I have the same problem. Quake2 works fine but RTX doesn't even open. I have Radeon RX 480 graphics card.
You need a graphics driver that provides the vulkan ray tracing extensions. AMD's doesn't.
Originally posted by 🔰SkacikPL🗾:
No, i don't think so. The engine doesn't have such thing as spotlight and when you think about it, it makes sense.

There's no such light as spotlight in real life, it's all omnidirectional lights with attached elements behind the bulb to reflect light in single direction.
The obvious place to do it, I think, if you wanted a cone, would be the volumetric lighting used for the god rays. The implementation is presumably relatively general, since you can change the position and colour of the sun, but there may be implicit assumptions still.
Jun 17 @ 8:41pm
In topic Is there any way to disable viewmodels?
hand 2
from the console or centre-handedness from Multiplayer → Player Setup.
I think it's a headlamp? It does look pretty cool. Having the sound when you turn it on and off was a very nice touch.
Jun 17 @ 3:19pm
In topic Game not available in Germany
Nothing at all to do with the EU. The Bundesprüfstelle für jugendgefährdende Medien is an entirely internal German Federal matter. Quake 1 and Doom 1 & 2 were on the banned list, but got removed. Later games weren't removed.
Jun 17 @ 1:05pm
In topic Game not available in Germany

Originally posted by apanteleev:
Region locked because the game is still banned in Germany. Sorry.
Closing the issue.
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