Nick Panagakis   United States
Programmer, gamer, musician, and hopefully someday physicist. Team Fortress 2 is good.

At this point I buy games just to collect them.

Game Ratings:
0/10: The game gave me cancer
1/10: The game is absolutely terrible
2/10: The game is terrible
3/10: The game is almost terrible
4/10: Would not recommend the game
5/10: Would only barely recommend the game, its ok
6/10: The game is sub-par, would recommend
7/10: The game is good, would definetly recommend
8/10: The game is great, had a lot of fun, beyond par
9/10: The game is almost perfect, far beyond par
10/10: The game is perfect, nothing was done wrong, buy or die

Killing Floor: 10/10
BioShock (original): 10/10
Team Fortress 2 (2015 and earlier): 10/10
Garry's Mod: 8/10
POSTAL 2: 8/10
Killing Floor 2: 7/10
Rust: 7/10
Starseed Pilgrim: 6/10
Team Fortress 2 (2016 and later): 5/10
Pixel Piracy: 3/10
Goat Simulator: 0/10
Towns: 0/10
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Luv U
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Lastrix Jan 4, 2015 @ 9:49am 
Computers are my thing, too. I'm on Steam literally almost all the time.
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@Crogomu Like my dick, eh? Good but hard.
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Sup, Jared