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Posted: Jun 7 @ 5:46pm

The continued silence from the development team is quite telling. It seems they are celebrating something, but it certainly isn’t the satisfaction of their player base. Where are the answers to the questions we’ve repeatedly asked? Where is the "community-driven" experience you boast about? The so-called "community feedback" that you pride yourselves on seems nonexistent. Where are the promises you made to us? What meaningful new PVP content are we actually receiving? Despite our numerous suggestions, this is the result we get? Are you serious?

Developers, do you genuinely believe that this is what we wanted? Do you honestly think that this aligns with the desires of your player base? I am utterly baffled by this team because it seems you don't understand anything about your own game or its community. The attempt to keep the game afloat by expanding to console platforms is perplexing. How do you expect to manage the bugs on consoles when you can’t even resolve them on PC?

What was the purpose of the last three years if this is the direction you intended to take? What did we endure three years of bugs, poor game coding, and lack of content for? The act of deleting comments to fit your narrative is unacceptable. You must realize that people have ways to make their voices heard, and they will do so one way or another. You're losing players over this. Everyone I know who owns a console will be advised against purchasing this game. I will not recommend this game to my family or friends, as your development team does not deserve their time, money, or efforts based on your track record.

And yet, you have the audacity to believe that you’ve done a good job and that you listen to us. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The ongoing uproar in this Discord is clear evidence that you have seriously angered your community. Our frustration stems from our love for this game. If we didn't care so much, we wouldn't be this upset. Wake up, Amazon Game Studios.
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