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gary Jul 27 @ 7:56pm 
don't pick him up, this isn't FAIR
gary Jul 23 @ 10:05pm 
seinfeld Jul 10 @ 4:53am 
hehe, a gamer girl in a McDonald’s? What could a pretty thing like her do in here? She likes food aswell?? Hehehe, my time to shine!

Excuse me, m’lady. How can I be of service to your perfect figure? I noticed your mario T-shirt and noticed that you are a “gamer girl”. I myself am a gamer boy, so we can get along just fine...

A bathroom you say? Well, why would a pretty gamer girl like yourself need one when you’ve got my mouth right here :)
seinfeld Jun 3 @ 2:32am 
I am still rompin brotha right now Who could ever possibly stop me that’s all I want to know that is my only question just taking the 901 bus service right now towards Melbourne airport from Kananook railway station the bus driver looks at me he trip for you sir and hands me a $900 note and I say thank you brotha I push up the emergency exit and climb onto the roof of the bus as it is driving everyone on the bus is clapping and cheering me on i yell to all the school children in wantirna IM STILL rompin.. acting a fool and no body is stopping me..4 bottles of Yakult in my backpack I walk to burwood RSPCA shelter I adopt one 5 year old cat I nurture him for the rest of his life and feed him fresh food and healthy biscuits I call him Badger 1 bowl of almond milk a day for BADGER I want to know who could possibly ever stop me I don’t think there is anyone who could ever do that
gary May 31 @ 3:04am 
yes it will, your most negative person IU xander
sivyj yar May 31 @ 2:08am 
IU will never happen !!!