Luke   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Hey there name's Luke although that should be quite obvious :steammocking:
I like to play alot of Team Fortress 2 specifically MvM atm

My favourite games to play atm are platformer and other cartoony games quite frankly I'm abit bored of all the open world and fps games being constantly released atm

My Favourite games include games such as:
Crash Bandicoot Series
Spyro The Dragon Original Series (PS1)
Sonic The Hedgehog Series
Ratchet And Clank Series
Pokemon Series
Most of the Mario Games
Batman Arkham Series

Honorable mentions include:
The Last of Us
Saints Row 3&4
Dead Island Series

There are some games I'm missing :P

Pc Specs:
Cpu: Intel Core i7 4790K
Cpu Cooler: Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo
Motherboard: Z97 Msi Gaming 3
RAM: 2X 4gb Hyperx Savage Ram 2400mhz
SSD: 360GB KingSpec
Hard Drive: 1TB Seagate SSHD
Graphics Card: Msi NVIDIA GTX 970
Case: Fractal Design Define R4
Power Supply: Coolermaster V650 80+ Gold
Opitical Drive: Samsung 24x
Monitor: 1080p Samsung S24D390HL PLS 23.6

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MvM And Unusual's Unboxed Stats:

Two Cities
Tour: 236
Australiums Found: 8
Tour: 18 - Strange Australium Rocket Launcher 27/05/2015
Tour: 44 - Strange Australium Ambassador 08/01/2018
Tour: 55 - Strange Australium Knife 22/01/2018
Tour: 109 - Strange Australium Ambassador 01/06/2018
Tour: 115 - Strange Australium Flame Thrower 07/06/2018
Tour: 118 - Strange Australium Knife 13/06/2018
Tour: 126 - Strange Australium Force-A-Nature 29/08/2018
Tour: 190 - Strange Australium Minigun 29/03/2019
Tour: 199 - Strange Australium Tomislav 20/04/2019

Mecha Engie
Tour: 17
Gold Botkillers Found: 0
Australiums Found: 0

Gear Grinder
Tour: 8
Diamond Botkillers Found: 0
Australiums Found: 0

Steel Trap
Tour: 2
Gold Botkillers Found: 0
Australiums Found: 0

Unusual's Unboxed: 1

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Hello , if u wanna trade for the HHM fabricator hit me up <3