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Aside from a few small niggles, this is an interesting & cute genre mix that will suck you in for a few evenings.
Posted August 14.
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This game start off quite alright, but gets extremely bland and boring once it reaches the midway point, turning from a decent brawler into a rather boring top-down corridor shooter, and the story is in no way interesting enough to justify grinding through to the end.
Hope this is a learning experience for the studio & we'll see some improved-upon follow-ups.
Posted August 14.
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Early Access Review
I spent 6-8h underground after the first mission, because I burrowed in the wrong direction and couldn't find the stairs up.
About 20h in I found a big oil field, 2 screens to the right of the starting village, becoming essentially infinitely rich.
10/10 would wear the cleaved-off bloody faces of my enemies for +1 Ego on my 2 heads again.
Posted June 29.
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Like Chivalry but better.
Launch issues aside, this game definitely will need more frontline maps over time to keep people's interest, some fixes to gameplay-unrelated systems, and some custom game options (although I've not looked much into what is possible, There are some duel servers that are mostly based on self-enforced no-interference rules, but other than that I don't yet know. Jousting tourneys definitely need to be a thing!)
People teamkilling to get horses is occasionally an issue that might need a deterrent (although you can apparently vote to kick people, but not sure how helpful that is)
That said it has a solid melee system without much in the way of exploits (as far as I've noticed), and most annoying habits (like people getting very close and aiming at your feet) can be countered (in the mentiond case by a well-timed kick in the noggin).
Archery has just the right amount of skill requirement (although I slightly miss the arrow-cam from Chivalry, that'd be nice to have), horseback combat is quite cool (I get stuck occasionally, but for the most part it seems to be a skill issue), and the class customization is also very nice.
All in all, a very solid game for lovers of medieval melee, that hopefully will only get better over time!
Posted May 5.
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... in conclusion, Sigmar's Garden get's a 10/10.
Opus Magnum is great too, I guess!
Posted November 22, 2018.
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1) There is no/not enough input pause between levels, so sometimes you will fail a level because you were still pressing a button you needed to press to get to the end of the previous level
2) The physics feel really inconsistent in some regards (even if it's, maybe, not actually the case). When falling from the similar height, sometimes the board breaks/the guy goes limp, and sometimes not.
3)You get sent back a level when you die, which is a problem because of 1) & 2), but also because for some levels you actually need somewhat precise movement to not get killed by something ( I personally got stuck on level 32 iirc), which you can't practice properly if you constantly get sent back (which might lead to getting sent back again when failing either due to frustration or the fact the the levels are rather hard)

It's cheap & the gameplay itself is actually quite fun, but the game design around it is, in my opinion, done poorly. Maybe it's on purpose to "make it hardcore", maybe not, but I don't feel like I should recommend it, unless you have a high tolerance for frustration & time to spare. (i'd give it a neutral rating, but that doesn't exist)
Posted May 6, 2018. Last edited May 6, 2018.
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Early Access Review
One of the best rogue-lites out there.
Also one of the most polished Early Access titles out there, as I've experienced only 1 bug in over 30h of gameplay.
Not for the easily frustratable, though, as the game is rather hard.
Posted November 26, 2017.
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This game has 3 major problems - it barely explains anything, you have nearly no meaningful ways to directly influence combar, and it LOVES to waste your time.
DISCLAIMER - this is MY PERSONAL OPINION. As with all opinions from internet randos, take it with a grain of salt.
(My review "spoils" a few game mechanics. If you only want the general opinion, read only the last paragraph.)

When you start out, you get a very basic explanation - this is your camp, this is how you get builders & archers, these are walls, enjoy. You need to guess that stone-piles will be watchtowers, that the strange hut you get after a certain camp upgrade is a siege workshop that produces catapults, that the wooden relic will allow you to get stone walls, that giving money to the castle makes knights, that knights will take your archers as entourage and PREVENT THEM FROM HUNTING, that giving money to the flag in front of your outer wall will send the knights towards the enemy portal. This and some other things are HUGE money sinks, that neither explain their functionality, nor the downsides of having them. Wanna know how much money the financier stored in your castle? Well you're just out of luck, because, apparently, monarch don't get clearance for that information.

There is nothing you yourself can actively do. Once your hire your people & commission the upgrades, there is no way to directly influence what your underlings are doing. You can't even get them to change the side they're standing on, so when one side doesn't need guarding, the subjects standing there just twiddle their thumbs while the other deals with the invasion. And you yourself can't attack or do anything, which is a good lead-in into the last problem :

This game wastes your time on every turn. Your horse (latter steeds can apparently be better, but the game is so repetitive that I don't see the point in playing until that point) is slow, it's sprint is rather short, so traversal is a pain. You're a sitting duck during the night, as you can't do anything. Winter wastes your time even further, by severely limiting your income, thus limiting your already small pool of interactions during the day. I don't even know how long it takes for the boat to reach the pier, because I have no patience for rebuilding during winter after two large attacks and a bloodmoon. I tried sending the knights out, but they would reach the portal a few seconds after the enemy starts spawning, and fail, because as soon as a knight dies, his entourage just hightails it outta there, getting picked off one by one in the process.

I got Kingdom in a bundle, and am happy that I didn't buy it separately. While some of my misgivings might've been simply because of bad luck, enough of them were, in my opinion, due to bad game design, to encourage people to hold off from buying it. It's a pretty looking foundation for a potentially good game, but there's too little to actually do, and what's there quickly gets boring & irritating.

@Raw Fury (I haven't seen a way to respond to a dev response, and I wrote too much to fit into a coment, so I hope this update will suffice)

First off, thanks for your kind response.

You're probably right about it just not being for everyone. It's not like I totally dislike the game, and with some more patience, like Melar suggested, I might have gotten into it. Having said patience takes time though, and considering how spoiled for choice we are nowadays, and how fast-paced live can be, giving up that time isn't always an option a person has and/or wants to take. (But that's a bit off-topic.)

While I understand the idea of mystery, I think that, when interacting with said mystery can set you back, it's better done in a more fast-paced gameplay style. Most rogue-lites have the possibility of fairly short game sessions, where experimenting with loadouts & unknown modifiers happens very quickly & doesn't set you back a lot. The problem I had in this case was that the setbacks I suffered through the slow discovery of mechanics, rather than resulting in my swift demise, resulted in a long, drawn-out path to a snowed-in poor man's grave. While I could very well utilize what I had learned for a better next playthrough, the process of rebuilding would have, because of the slow pacing & the periods of down time at night where you can't take meaningful actions, been a bit too slow to be enjoyable for me.

In the end, as I've mentioned, I might've just had a bit of bad luck in that I survived for far too long on my first try, and might have enjoyed it more if my death-respawn cycle was a bit shorter. But, for my personal taste, the pace was just a bit too slow. And not knowing how much money you have in the bank hinders your decision-making, which is unfortunate. I mean, I could count myself, but apparently he also multiplies the money by a tiny bit? And without numbers, that was just not really possible to gauge without a lot of experimentation.

The way the pixelart is utilized is very nice though, and I liked the soundtrack & sound design, and the general idea of the game was interesting, and certainly eye-catching.
Enough people like it , so I guess you just can't make everybody happy.

I wish you good luck in your future endeavors =)
Posted April 9, 2017. Last edited April 14, 2017.
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I cannot pretend that I did not enjoy this game at all. However, it was frustrating more often that it was enjoyable.
The story wasn't particularly gripping, the fights were repetitive, with the same "mini-bosses" appearing several times.

While the combat system was enjoyable, the sections during which you had less then 2 elements were too long. It was also kind of saddening that there was no interplay between the different elements - sure, you could switch very fast, but in the end you would just change from one combo into another, without any connection.

Losing was also extremely annoying - while the game offered you to visit the shop & and buy some consumables, to equip them, you actually had to continue, and then exit the level the chapter menu, leaving you uncertain whether you would return to the same point in the level, or a few checkpoints back, since not every checkpoint was a savepoint. Which got extremely annoying during bossfights, since you sometimes wouldn't restart directly before them.

The Naga-Running-Minigame was headache-inducing, and during the one sequence where it was kind of interesting (the fight with the 3 mechs), it was still annoying as hell, since you only had 3 hitpoints, and the mechs had much more than that. One might say that I simply sucked. Think what you will, I still found that sequence somewhat unfair.

Pro-Bending seemed very interesting, and was enjoyable in the storymode. However, in the separate mode you're still stuck playing Korra, meaning you were stuck with waterbending, which was somewhat disappointing. The abilities of your teammates were also tied to the your level of their respective bending in story mode, which, if you didn't want to replay it, led to some extreme difficulty spikes towards the end.

All in all I would say that there is a core game here that is enjoyable, but it's coated in so many (in my opinion) poor design & poor execution (the camera, the nauseating mini-game etc.), that I hesitate to recommend it.

If you're a big fan of Avatar & really want something like this, it might be worth trying.
However, I did not pay full price for it, and knowing what I know now, I do not regret that choice.
Posted August 3, 2015. Last edited November 27, 2016.
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