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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Aug 8 @ 12:38pm


Complete the Verminslayer Heroic Deed (Kill 2500 Horde type enemies)
Unlocked Aug 8 @ 12:38pm


Complete the Reaper Heroic Deed (Kill 250 Champion enemies)
Unlocked Aug 8 @ 12:38pm

Ranged Avenger

Complete the Ranged Avenger Heroic Deed (Kill 5000 enemies with ranged skills)
Unlocked Jul 31 @ 4:10pm

Perfect Record

Complete the Perfect Record Heroic Deed (Complete an entire Priority Assignment sequence without dying)
Unlocked Aug 8 @ 12:38pm

No Escape

Complete the No Escape Heroic Deed (Kill 50 enemies while they are in cover)
Unlocked Aug 8 @ 12:38pm

No Turning Back

Complete the No Turning Back Heroic Deed (Reach Inquisitorial Rank 20 with one character)
Unlocked Aug 8 @ 12:38pm

Where it Hurts

Complete the Where it Hurts Heroic Deed (Kill 50 Commander enemies)
Unlocked Aug 8 @ 12:38pm


Complete the Invincible Heroic Deed (Complete 25 missions without dying)
Unlocked Aug 8 @ 12:38pm

Cheating Death

Complete the Cheating Death Heroic Deed (Activate 50 traps)
Unlocked Aug 8 @ 1:05pm

The Emperor’s Justice

You have made a decision regarding the fate of a Psyker in the service of the Drukhari
Unlocked Jul 31 @ 4:10pm

Only War

Complete a Warzone mission after reaching level 50
Unlocked Aug 8 @ 12:38pm

Master Datasmith

Complete the Master Datasmith Heroic Deed (Kill 2500 Enemies by your Kastelan Robots) [Tech-Adept only]
Unlocked Jul 31 @ 3:03pm

Unmarred Corpus

Complete the Unmarred Corpus Heroic Deed (Complete 5 missions without taking any Melee damage) [Tech-Adept only]
Unlocked Aug 8 @ 12:38pm

STC Specialist

Complete the STC Specialist Heroic Deed (Summon 1000 Constructs) [Tech-Adept only]

First steps on the Martyr

You have left the hangar deck of the „Martyr”

The Plot Thickens

You have finished Chapter One and left the "Martyr"

All Matters Biological

You have found Metrodora Thelema

Pawns of the Beast

You have begun the investigation against the Feral Beasts mercenary group

Servant of the Omnissiah

You have found Omicron Arkh

The Hand One is Dealt

You have used Uther’s Tarot to find the „Martyr”

A Trader's Fate

You have made your decision regarding the fate of the van Wynter House

The Mailed Fist

You have commanded a Shadowsword tank through enemy lines

Knight of the Cog

You have commanded an Imperial Knight through enemy lines

The Key

You have found the Rosette of Uther Tiberius

Into the Great Unknown

You have finished the main campaign of the game

Chaos Undivided

You have killed Lord Antaroz, the Black Legion warlord

Relentless Slaughter

Complete the Relentless Slaughter Heroic Deed (Kill 5000 enemies with melee skills)

Ordance Seeker

Complete the Ordance Seeker Heroic Deed (Open 100 supply chests)


Complete the Demolisher Heroic Deed (Blow up 250 explosive containers)


Complete the Grenadier Heroic Deed (Kill 1000 enemies with grenades)

Perils of the Warp

Complete the Perils of the Warp Heroic Deed (Create 100 warp anomalies with a Psyker)

Uprooting Evil

Complete the Uprooting Evil Heroic Deed (Complete 5 Priority Assignments on any difficulty)

Magos Biologis

Complete the Magos Biologis Heroc Deed (Use booster type inoculator components 250 times)

Hero of the Imperium

Complete the Hero of the Imperium Heroic Deed (Acquire 5000 Fate points)

Stalwart Servant

Complete the Stalwart Servant Heroic Deed (Complete 25 events during missions)

Cull the Strong

Complete the Cull the Strong Heroic Deed (Kill 100 elite enemies)

Hunter of Hunters

Complete the Hunter of Hunters Heroic Deed (Kill 5 Boss creatures)


Craft 25 items
1 / 25

Blood Sacrifice

Achieve the Massacre bonus for the first time

Sacred Fury

Get the Killstreak bonus 30 times
9 / 30

Death Incarnated

Get the Angel of Death bonus 30 times
0 / 30


Get the Unbreakable bonus 30 times
2 / 30

Forge Lord

Fuse a socket into a Relic item

A Forgotten Place

Unlock the Agartha Subsector

Harvester of Pain and Glory

Reach 1500 Score in City of Suffering (City of Suffering DLC needed)
0 / 1,500

Sweet Pain

Destroy 100 Pain Catalysts in City of Suffering (City of Suffering DLC needed)
0 / 100

Efficient Operative

Complete a Priority Assignment on Impossible difficulty or higher

Chosen Warrior

Equip your first Relic item

Lexico Arcanus

Learn all skills from a single Skill tree


Unlock all Skill trees

Judge and Jury

Execute 50 enemies (Assassin and Crusader only)
0 / 50


Revive each other 50 times
0 / 50

Veteran of Battles

Complete 50 multiplayer missions
0 / 50

Brother In Arms

Join a cabal

Tough Choices

Reach the end of the Puritan or Radical axis on the Morality Chart


Complete 10 Void Crusade missions
0 / 10

All Kinds of Trouble

Complete at least one mission from every type on the StarMap


Research 10 Tech tree upgrades at Omicron Arkh
2 / 10


Reach maximum points in a Weekly Glory challenge

Scourge of the Drukari

Kill 1000 Dark Eldar enemies
262 / 1,000

The Blood Must Flow

Kill 1000 Khorne enemies
0 / 1,000

Knight of the Cog

Complete the Knight of the Cog Heroic Deed (Kill 20 Elite enemies on your level or higher) [Tech-Adept only]

Cognis Protocol

Complete the Cognis Protocol Heroic Deed (Complete a mission dealing damage only by your Construct turrets on your level or higher) [Tech-Adept only]

Unyielding Legion

Complete the Unyielding Legion Heroic Deed (Complete 25 missions without loosing a Construct) [Tech-Adept only]

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