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Posted: Jan 11, 2017 @ 8:17am

It's rare that you come across a game, let alone any form of story that can so quickly and easily immerse you in a story, let alone make itself believable to the point where you feel like all realism has departed from the world, and you find yourself whisked away into the world of the tale. The immeasurable success of Milkmaid of the Milkyway, therefore, lies in the pure orchestration of each of its elements composing a singular, beautiful whole which draws you in from the moment you begin your journey unto its wonderful, emotional conclusion. From the moment I started playing this game until its finish, never once was I not entranced by the sheer beauty of its small, yet beautifully crafted world, or the light, soothing symphonies of its background tracks.

Everything out of MotM oozes a charm and an aura of peace. Even playing it fullscreen, the simple style of its pixellated form does nothing to draw you out from the realism of the world; instead, you become engrossed by the soft fluidity of its motions, and the surprising depth it affords its small, yet dynamic cast of characters.

The dialogue in the game is no different, and it is clear from every minor interaction, every misstep and recourse inherent in point-and-click adventures you make, that a lot of thought and care went into designing each and every element and interaction in this game. Having not known upon entering it that the entire script was written in rhyme, I found it a hearty surprise, and could not stop smiling to myself at what was at first a stripped down yet serene locution of the world of MotM; later on, I found myself even laughing out loud at certain pocketed moments where the game displayed its more raunchy side.

All in all, if you're someone looking for a break from the fast-paced, adrenaline-filled and flashiness that populates so much of video games today, and instead are looking for a simple yet profound, story rich game which will leave you with a lingering sense of tingling happiness to take with you into the night, this is definitely the game for you. A title which feels more like a true experience than simply just a game, Milkmaid of the Milkway is a triumph of one man game development, and the perfect game to kick off 2017 with.
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Ladeluff Jan 19, 2017 @ 1:25am