Edward   Australia
Looking to buy back all unboxed unusuals I originally unboxed!

If adding me comment below

Scout/Engineer/Soldier main :/
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My link

If anything your looking for is missing from my inventory, thats the place to go

My Trade Link

My Outpost Link
(Rip outpost 😭😭😭)

Have a look, you might want to buy something

Feel free to hit me up with REASONABLE OFFERS!

Unusuals Unboxed
:cupup: Unusual Mega Strike Party Trick 1/19/2015 (Looking to buy back)
:cupup: Unusual Strange Kill-a-Watt Kiss King 2/03/18 (Looking to buy back)
:cupup: Unusual Orbiting Fire Snowcapped 20/12/18 (Looking to buy back)
:cupup: Unusual Fresh Brewed Victory Unusualifier 20/10/19 (Still own)

Glitched Unusuals unboxed

:cupup: Unusual Cloud 9 Magistrate Mullet 26/07/19 (Glitch)
:cupup: Unusual Disco Beat Down Killer's Exclusive 26/07/19 (Glitch)
:cupup: Unusual Kill-a-Watt Slo-Poke 26/07/19 (Glitch)
:cupup: Unusual Haunted Ghosts Combustable Kabuto 26/07/19 (Glitch)
:cupup: Unusual Aces High Rimmed Raincatcher 26/07/19 (Glitch)
:cupup: Unusual Cloud 9 Voodoo JuJu (Slight Return) 26/07/19 (Glitch)
:cupup: Unusual Terror-Watt Mann of Reason 26/07/19 (Glitch)
:cupup: Unusual Miami Nights Western Wear 26/07/19 (Glitch)
:cupup: Unusual Aces High Safe 'n' Sound 26/07/19 (Glitch)

About Me:

-TF2 Traded for 3 years, took a year off after cashing out
-Used to own the 1/3 Demonflame Fed Fightin' Fedora (Present in most of my artworks
-Worked my way up to a Sunbeams Noble
-Cashed out
-Following latest unbox, back into unusual trading
-Cashed out again following recent unbox.
-Uhhh TF2 Economy broke? (26/07/19)

Oh yeah I make SFM Posters for 1.33 refined each or 1 hat. Add me if you want one made :D (comment on my profile first)
Posters sold: 5
I also now make animated transparent SFM Videos for your Profile. These will cost 1 key each
Animated posters sold: N/A
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Only took 4 million crates
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goldio Jul 3 @ 5:21am 
+rep played catch with me in VR.
Shodd5 Feb 23 @ 4:45am 
☣️ TOXI ☣ Feb 13 @ 2:34am 
Hi iam intetested in your unu recketlauncher
gucci gank Nov 27, 2018 @ 6:14am 
14keys for my antartic eyewear? sorry i wont do 13keys
sky Nov 18, 2018 @ 9:25pm 
added to talk about comp tf2
Togue|Selling Oct 27, 2018 @ 12:52am 
Interested in unusual taunt