josie   Shabwah, Yemen
*pulls out butterknife* >:3
be bread or be spread
vsem trusyam vozdastsya po zaslugam

"If you break the law, you're a punk. If you break the law with a badge, you're a punk with a badge." ~Defendor
Truly an inspiration

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We'll never get anywhere if we stand here forever.

Yo! I like playing MTG and Monster Hunter! I don't have time for anything else.
I'm lonely, and I like talking to people, despite my awkwardness.

I listen to mostly pop punk, metal, and foreign music too- that's because foreign languages are interesting and I enjoy learning different alphabets, and puzzle-y kinda things, ya kno?

I don't play competitively, so don't have high expectations if we play together, feel free to message me!
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replacement for boys who sure do love water
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Duplo is a cool guy
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