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Leeijo Jul 22 @ 11:49am 
Good to hear! I had to create some new planes and rearrange some of the textures. There is much white space that I could take advantage of to duplicate the logos for each side. Blender was a bit of a hassle and I had to start over a couple of times because skylines just wouldn't import it for some reason. But in the end I got the result I wanted! Some problems with aligning the logos on the back side but that is only visible if you get really close soo I think it's OK. It was the first time working in a 3d modeling tool after all :)
Thanks for taking a look and glad you liked it!
Konkku Jul 22 @ 11:38am 
@Leeijo Wow! It looks fantastic! I like you attention to detail. How did you get the get the textures to show up correctly on both sides?
Konkku Jul 22 @ 5:27am 
@Leeijo I'll check it out :)
Leeijo Jul 22 @ 2:22am 
I think I managed to make the Norwegian 787 properly. I had to modify the model in some places to fit the livery. If you have time, I would appreciate it if you could verify that it looks ok before I upload it. I took your pointers and modified illumination and specular as well.

Thanks for the help!
Leeijo Jul 20 @ 4:07am 
Thank's for the pointers! I did however find that the Norwegian is not possible with that livery template. Maybe I will manage to re-structure some texture of the model in Blender, but most likely not. It's a shame, that would have been a nice addition...
Konkku Jul 20 @ 3:52am 
@Leeijo At the moment, I have Air Canada and Air Europa almost ready for the 787. After I've completed my few remaining 777s I'll probably do a few E-Jets. I'll update my JAL 787 soon so you can copy the lights etc directly from it.

Please note that the template has a few flaws which @KnightsCross pointed out to me, but with some tweaking they are easy to fix and look much more realistic. The first one is the Specular mask, It's way too bright and makes the planes look metallic. It's an easy fix though, here's how mine looks now: http://i.imgur.com/nyt1H7a.png . The other is the illumination mask. You can easily fix it by covering the cockpit windows, changing the background colour and changing the colour of the windows. This is mask is for the 777 but you get the idea: http://i.imgur.com/4FAisvm.png Also, remember to make a lod texture by copying the B787_d and resizing it to 128x128 and renaming it to B787_lod_d.

Happy painting :)