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Posted: Jan 3 @ 2:32pm

Early Access Review
Not good. The game is nonsensical. I make an isolationist nationalistic religious state and the game tells me at the end of the turn that I now have a problem with religious fundamentalists and ultra nationalists. How is that a problem if the goal was to make the people like that. After a few turns I get 100% approval and 90%+ of the vote. The only problem is that my department heads are constantly dissatisfied with my policies and kept leaving office, which for what ever reason brought my approval rating from 100 to 0 in a matter of 2 turns. Why would religious and nationalistic radicals care if a department head leave the government over everything else going exactly like they wanted to be? Shouldn't they already be conditioned to continually fanatically support me forever after several terms of my government getting one blowout electoral victory after the next? It honestly makes no sense what so ever. Do not buy this game, not worth the sudden disappointment when you get thrown out of office for no good reason.
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SquareHead Jan 20 @ 9:50am 
1.9 hour on record, it's quite few to give such no-go review. Perhaps you miss some points in the game, like people wants changes, and gets news from others countries. We didn't live in the 19th century any more, see what happen in current religious countries.
Fight Night at McLovin's Jan 20 @ 7:35am 
Ok golden calf
Jugulador Jan 14 @ 8:10am 
Democracy: The God That Failed
confy Jan 14 @ 3:41am 
thanks. this is all i needed to know. looks like i wont be trying this out.
china 2005\ Jan 13 @ 9:19pm 
based review
Cone Jan 13 @ 9:03pm 
Weird review, you want them to remove the central mechanic of the game? It's literally called Democracy.
ozhmium Jan 13 @ 5:31pm 
because the game doesn't know that you want those extremists. most people would consider extremists bad.
chuck_smasher_29 Jan 13 @ 5:21pm 
uhhh cum
sochexum Jan 13 @ 5:17pm 
lol just play the video game instead of trying to impose your fantasies upon it
pricey Jan 13 @ 4:41pm 
If you want to know what the developers political views are and their actual understanding of how the world works. If you enforce stricter gun laws the crime rate goes down :crusader_helmet: