Rads   Iceland
I don't know how you found this profile.
But welcome feel free to browse around and read the Info section.

Just a random person on the internet, with the least care in the world.
If you don't like people who will be blunt and unfiltered with you or others.
Then you should carry on to find those that always put themselves first.

System Specs.
Graphics Card: GTX 1060 3GB
CPU: I7-8700 3.2GHz-4.6GHz

A little info. (Because apparently its a trend to put info so yeah.)
Nickname: Rads (Because its easier than RadioaTsvetok.)
Height: Over 6ft.. (Need to get exact measure sometime, always keep forgetting RIP.)
Music: I can listen to most genres of music, mostly listen to metal and rock.
MemeLevel: Over 1000 items in one file. (I need help I know.)

If there is more you wish to know, feel free to ask when we chat. I don't bite.. Too hard. :8bitheart:

Expect me to say something random or at times offensive, its not from intentions of being edgy, toxic or offensive.
I just speak in a different manner than most are used to as well my humor is quite dark at times.
My responses can seem passive aggressive, snappy or sassy. It is just my type of responses at times.
If such things is something that bothers you feel free to tell me, I'd rather someone be upfront with me full out than hiding something. :8bitheart:
I usually am quite friendly to most people, as long as they are polite returning the same to me. :8bitheart:

Hope you have a wonderful day, week, month, year always lovely to have you around. :8bitheart: :8bitheart:
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