Leo J
1995   Niedersachsen, Germany
Sup. Welcome to my Profile!


Just a normal Guy who likes to play Competitive, Pub,
Death Run and likes to have stupid Fun on Lazy Purples Silly Server. ;-)

Obviously on TF2. :demoticon:


My Mains-Classes are Heavy :crate: , Engineer :sentry: , Pyro :balloonicorn: and Medic :medicon: .

My TF2 Center Profile: http://tf2center.com/profile/76561198064390608

MY Steam Avatar is made by my Friend "ツkulik1". Thanks my Lady. ;-)

My PS4-Name is "Killer_JL95"

My Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-geO56RXhaSE98UcOGKHhw

(Channel is inactive but who cares!)

I apologise for my (bad) English. Im German!! :C
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