Almaty City, Kazakhstan
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olsaan~ilnw Mar 5 @ 11:44am 
-rep hacked on cs when he was 10
N1bbaW1DaRPG Feb 1 @ 4:08am 
This is my friend Justin and he is cracked at Rust my guy......................!
God Jan 2 @ 12:58pm 
+rep passed the autism test first time little ♥♥♥
God Jan 2 @ 12:58pm 
yuvalzama Jun 23, 2020 @ 6:51am 
why are you gae?
Cracky May 16, 2020 @ 4:56am 
Toxic , Salty Survivor . Only knows how to disconnect and then start name-calling the whole team inc. not excluding Killer. :pickuper::Im_BoSS: