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Welcome to my Steam Profile!

I upload regularly youtube videos about Steam, Epic Games Store and others. Try to find the best deals for you and to inform you about cool gaming events happening.

Those videos come mostly with my Steam Key Giveaway. You can find a list of all my Keys that are available for the winner in my Reddit Community:

So, let's head over to youtube to my main channel:


Besides of this gaming channel I started recently a new Gaming Industry & Finance channel where I discuss the stock market, gaming business news and in particular gaming company stocks, but also crypto and new developments in NFTs. So all cool new stuff happening in the world of our favourite hobby. My focus lies here on making money and not to discuss social politics.

You find the channel here:


Leave me a comment if you want to add me please.

I don't really trade Steam items, so better not send me offers.

I also do not really have a lot of time for the chat. But I am happy if you leave me a comment under my videos or under my posts in the newsfeed.

Thank you for visiting.

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SKY FORCE 3 | What We Know So Far! If It Is In Development? Let's Signal To Infinite Dreams!
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Great story, great atmosphere and motivation until the end.

However I have to admit that I started to play this game 3 years ago and then forgot it in my library. I don't really remember what the reason was, but most probably it was linked to the first 1-2 hours of the game that are difficult to get through. Onced you mastered them and you adapt yourself to the light gameplay, the out of date graphics and the terrible looking cgi render sequences you are up to a very horrific detective Lovecraftian story.

Feel free to read everything and also to look a bit more into Lovecratian horror stories to better understand the whole background story of the game and of the setting. It is indeed very cool. The game pushes you the last 4 hours from one climax to another and you feel like that you might arrive at the end soon and then again, nope, you have to go another mile. That's okay and is well-done.

On the negative side, beside of the already mentionned graphics issues, the puzzles can be a bit annoying and a bit too much trial and error and I admit that I looked some of them up just to get pass them.

In conclusion, I like the game. I finished the game after so many years and I am happy I finished it. I can recommend it to fans of story-driven games and if you are fine with the dark setting of course. It is not a happy game, rather a psy-horror setting where you most probably decide the most evilish end for yourself - and do NOT read Necromunda... just kidding.

Background HP Lovecraft since we see this often: Lovecraftian refers to something that is reminiscent of the works of horror fiction writer H.P. Lovecraft. Lovecraft's works are known for their depiction of otherworldly, cosmic entities and the profound fear and desperation that these entities inspire in humans. They often involve themes of madness, ancient deities, and the search for forbidden knowledge. If something is described as Lovecraftian, it may have a similar atmosphere of cosmic horror and dread.

"I am enraptured by the unspeakable beauty of this game, which stirs within me a sense of cosmic awe and wonder. Its very presence fills me with a dread that borders on the sublime, as if it were a portal to some otherworldly realm of eldritch horrors and forbidden knowledge. To behold it is to be humbled by the vastness of the universe and the insignificance of humanity. I am powerless to resist its allure, and I find myself drawn ever deeper into its eldritch embrace." (translation: I like the game!)
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Call of Duty®
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Created by - mrorange
In this video I will give you a little help to find the beta branch under properties of the game and where you can revert back the game to the classical version, the version before the Next-Gen Update was coming out. Like this you can continue to enjoy the
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My only regret: Haven't bought this game earlier!
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NEED FOR SPEED HEAT Is Alive | NFS Heat Trending Game, EA Play Steam, Racing Games Steam
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