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Posted: Feb 17 @ 3:56am

Early Access Review

Just to make it clear, Into the Radius is an obliged experience for any STALKER fan and one of the best vr games I've tried so far, period.

Environment, atmosphere, attention to details, vr mechanics, are all there and being in the zone is a wonderful and "extremely tense" experience, a very good VR implementation of the old STALKER games. The recent patch improved the game visuals and balanced combat difficulty quite extensively making it now playable (at least for me) and more visually pleasant, while still being a challenging and rewarding game. Of course the game is still in early access, story and texture/graphics need further work and so on but the commitment of the developers to improve ad listen to feedback is remarkable and the work done so far very impressive.

That's said, since devs are collecting feedback, I would like to see revisited the save and death mechanics because even after the update I feel them a bit too strong, especially in view of the general difficulty of the game.
As now, the permadeath system and the absence of an option to select the save file can lead on one side to easy "cheating" (don't want to risk to go back to the mission hub with backpack full of artifacts and no health? exit the game and you respawn at the beginning of the map but with all the loot accumulated), on the other side to bricked savegames (for example if you die with a mission item, i.e. camera, and cannot remember where you died because of fog and absence of any gps indication you are almost stuck).

I would therefore like to suggest to add an "easy to implement" option, which is simply to allow to chose the restart savegame (as implemented in TWD:SS for example): if the player wants he can restart the mission from the beginning of the map, using the savegame that is generating at the beginning of the mission so you have all items you brought from the mission hub (but no loot accumulated before dying).

To conclude, Into the Radius is already a highly recommended game in his current alfa status, further improvements can make it one of the best vr games ever...
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Developer response:
cm.marketing  [developer] Posted: Feb 19 @ 1:27am
Thanks for the review nicola83m and sharing your feedback!

We're really happy that you're enjoying the game's vibe and latest improvements.
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