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jhop71 Jun 27 @ 1:07pm 
Hey man, thanks a lot for the free game. I appreciate it. Look forward to shooting each other in game. Later. :steamhappy::happymeat:
{ H Y A } Phedre { H Y A } Jun 23 @ 7:10pm 
best bud ever :steamhappy: + rep rep rep rep rep
Serenade in Lead Jun 13 @ 1:32pm 
+rep Good lad.
👌 Dukhat Jun 10 @ 7:24pm 
+rep Good guy & always knows when games are on sale :P
*ULT!MATE* !DOOMED44 Jun 10 @ 6:19pm 
Thank for sharing information as always!

I'm glad to see people are active and try to make Steam a better place!

Peace :happyBUD::hiBUD:
Delirium Jun 6 @ 8:39pm 
Hi there! Nice to meet ya, friend. Sweet profile. :chainsaw: :madskull: