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Posted: Feb 13, 2016 @ 7:19pm

When you play this game, you aren't just playing a typical game, you are participating in something grander. A legend in the making. The birth of greatness personified. Yes, my friend, you are contributing to the cause. The building of Yuritopia.

Hail to Yuritopia! Allegiance to Yuritopia! Strength through unity, unity through yuri!

My score: 1000/10
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Edgy Feb 16, 2016 @ 4:33pm 
Hail Yuritopia!
259 Feb 15, 2016 @ 1:28pm 
Yuri shall conquer the Earth
Kawaii Desu Itadakimasu Hnnnnnnn Feb 15, 2016 @ 11:52am 
We shall forge on
Princess Peach Feb 13, 2016 @ 8:16pm 
I want to play this!
The Best Number Feb 13, 2016 @ 8:02pm