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TAEMIN B Mar 30 @ 10:42pm 
Thanks! I will try to meet blender despite difficulty of making citizen asset harasses me.
TOKACHI269 Mar 29 @ 5:56am 
I am sorry, blender's procedure does not have work like step 3, so I do not know.
TAEMIN B Mar 28 @ 10:26am 
Thanks but I already saw it before and I couldnt anymore at step 3 Alignment so I tried to help to wise person like you :steamhappy: and I still can't anymore at step 3 Alignment. I opened the skeleton from cities: skylines folder and brought my custom model from sketchup file on 3ds max. and saved it to fbx file and opened it on autodesk maya. so I can approached step 2 of the guide. but Idk how to line up limb and skeleton... it will be good if there're video.....
TOKACHI269 Mar 28 @ 12:57am 
hello. This is a guide on how to make Citizen Asset.
I made it with blender, but I think that the flow of production is almost the same. If there is something you do not know, ask a question again!
TAEMIN B Mar 27 @ 10:33pm 
Hi, I have made korean palaces and houses. I want to make new custom citizens who have correct clothes with my assets. but I think making citizen is not same with building asset. so I'm confusing now. can you help me how to make custom citizens? I need your advices, thanks
Softcakes Feb 5 @ 2:35am