I had friends once. Those were the days long ago.

I remember the morning it happened. I laid there in my bed, the warm morning sun just breaking through my curtains igniting the room in a warm orange glow. It was this day that would forever change my life as I knew it.

It started off like any other day, logged onto the computer, booted up some minesweeper, and started to hack away at those little boxes. 9 hours later, 3 boxes left, on the largest game I had ever played, and BOOM! That bomb, that damn bomb, ruined it all. I vowed to seek revenge against everyone that uses a computer from then on. Everyone must feel my pain.
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RuRo Nov 5 @ 2:56pm 
hey mate why u dont use tf2stone to play?
ShinyA♥ souprice ♥ Nov 5 @ 1:56pm 
Added for trade :)
OnDrills Nov 5 @ 12:09pm 
-REP POT PUSHER on tf2hunt
OnDrills Nov 5 @ 10:13am 
-rep bot on tf2hunt
Rilky Oct 29 @ 5:33pm 
beong-sin sae-ggi
no1k Mar 3 @ 8:16am 
should probably consider suicide