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Ultra Instinct Tired 24. dec 2017 kl. 19:00 
Have a ripper Aussie Lunkmas, Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
Here's your god damn Aussie present, Fa-la-l- just take the damn thing 由
Pepe PXNDX 24. jan 2017 kl. 4:44 
king of laggers :)
Ultra Instinct Tired 24. dec 2016 kl. 16:37 
Lunkmas? ☑ Present? ⬜
Oh shit lemme fix that 由
FAWX 16. aug 2016 kl. 23:53 
Will continuously throw droids at your base cowardly until he shamelessly wins through backdooring, sick player, top tier
Ultra Instinct Tired 24. dec 2015 kl. 23:27 
Merry Lunkmas, Here's your present 由
Kunihiro 25. mar 2015 kl. 8:17