Gerry   Antarctica
Started out playing in the late '70s with text based games, single line on terminals attached to mainframes, went on to ZXspectrum, Commodore and what's not to PC.
Immagine 16 kB internal memory and 360 kB floppies or casette decks that beeped like 16kb modems. Those were (not) the days...

I do not like:
-multi-player in any kind of form, I don't need to proof myself to anyone
-3rd person though I played a lot of them back in the days
-not fully reconfigurable keyboards.
Basically consols and laptops force me to play differently because devs are targeting these profitable yet immature platforms first. PC comes in second. We saw that emerging with Skyrim (though still good). Well hey, "comes to it, we're only in it for the money".
Bethesda started out differently with Arena and look at where they're heading. I hold my breath with every new release out of fear not hope...
-I really hate (mostly end-) scenes (Boss fights) that are almost impossible to accomplish other than by endlessly restarting and hoping for a lucky strike. What's the fun in that? Like Left4dead Port Finale. I think you ought to at least have a 40% chance to survive or the settings must allow you to do so. For those of us who like restarting over and over again a special setting of 1% can be added. Go ahead, knock yourself out, just leave me out of it.
It's lame to say but in real life you don't get second chances and I need that link to reality.
There are already enough games that just spawn hordes after hordes after every inch of progress. That is such a drag, I fail to see what people like in that. I just want to move on with the fun part of exploring or at least be able to avoid fights with next to no change of winning. Give me a sniper rifle (M82/107) to put some distance between my object and me and I'll be happy with all choices to avoid or engage a fight/kill. Have been an M2 BMG gunner myself in the service mounted on an M113, hence the calliber (sitting ducks, yeah, we had no protective shields or turrets.).
In the margin of video games people like to show off, practice for hours on end to be able to finish a Boss-fight in just under, bla, bla seconds. Then their ego somehow gets inflated to legendary proportions, god, how I hate that. You could say: just let it be, no, I can't. See those Asian guys torturing their controller? That's what I mean (No, I don't dislike Asian people, on the contrary).
-the AI characters to level up as much as you do. What's the fun in leveling up if all around you levels up the same? Bethesda understood that and made you a little stronger than your environment with every level you gained. That keeps you running and keeps you caring about your character. Games like Death Island rape that rule. It's a very addictive game but, oh, oh, at level 35 you still get struck down with just one blow, a no-no imho. I don't want to be forced to play the devs' way, I want to play MY way. Dead Island is an exception to the rule that these games are not worth playing.
-I dislike fora where all people are supposed to be treated as immature teens. 99% of all the people on these fora are above 16 yo. So what's the problem? Judge by TV MA rules, grow some callus on your soul (whatever that may be). The real world will find you, bible in hand or not. Kids, best be prepared. Elmore Leonard understood that. Of course insulting people is quite another story but where lies the line between insulting and provoking? Lost on that philosofical road there'll never be an avenue.
I need not to be 'loved' by anyone, it's not my goal and may sound like a trigger for all would-be truth seekers out there. I have problems with people that fail to see how our real world shuns visions that are shoved under and left for dead at the curb.

I like:
-the opposite of the above
-RPG's that let you do just as you please (Bethesda Elder Scrolls, Fallout) void of team members and void of impossible to come by obsticles.
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Blackwatur Feb 8, 2017 @ 11:20am 
Hello I read your Fallout4 review and thought it was spot on , so I thought I would shoot you a friend request, cheers.
theUSguy425 Feb 28, 2015 @ 2:23pm 
Steelford, I'm a little late to saying this, but I just want to tell you this and feel free to delete this. You just have to accept that some people won't like you. Two Bears doesn't like me either, I tried but he just doesn't want to talk to me. Does it make me sad that I rubbed him the wrong way, yep. I tried, but I realized it's not worth it. Just don't talk to him.
Kernal Cupcakez Sep 12, 2013 @ 11:19pm 
Ill buy a four pack of terreria and give you one, i bet youd like that one
Kernal Cupcakez Sep 12, 2013 @ 10:05pm 
you are the mother ♥♥♥♥in man, 10 hours trying to get fallout 2 to work and you fixed it. your next indie purchase is on me, you name the game.